10 of the Best Fallout 76 Tips

Microsoft recently announced that Fallout 76 will be added to the Xbox Game Pass line-up. For many, this addition to the excellent game pass will give players their first taste of the Fallout experience in a multiplayer online game format. 

Since its release in 2018, Fallout 76 has had various updates and new features to add to the MMO experience. There is a lot to get grips with, even for those who are familiar with the traditional Fallout series formula. 

Our Fallout 76 tips and tricks will help you get more bottle caps and XP when you are starting out, finish missions, pick the best perks and avoid dying from starvation or thirst. Read on to survive the West Virginia wasteland in our list of Fallout 76 tips and tricks for beginners.

1. Stay fed and watered

A huge feature in Fallout 76, that isn’t in previous games, is the Thirst and Hunger meters. While this might sound scary, staying well-fed and hydrated just improves your Action Point regenerations and your resistance against disease, so don’t forget your meters. Forgetting these, you will find yourself quite susceptible to disease and lacking in AP. Just keep Boiled Water or Crispy Squirrel Bits in your inventory and consume them every real time hour or so.

2. Challenges = Atoms

When you start Fallout 76, you can finish challenges by finishing the smallest of things. This includes collecting wood, harvesting plans, and killing your first robot. Each action sees you complete a challenge and the game gives you some Atoms. These Atoms can be used to buy various cosmetic items in the game world.

3. Never stop looting

Any fan of Fallout knows that looting everything is a huge part of your survival. By looting you can get the resources you need to craft armour, weapons, mods and chems making your junk an important part of your inventory. While you can ignore hairbrushes and Ball-Peen Hammers, you should still be trying to pick up as much as you can. When you’re at a safe place, you can break down your junk to use weapons or help to build your home base.

4. Quests gift items

Usually in a Fallout game, quests reward you with XP and rarely anything else. In Fallout 76, you get a set of items to say well done on completing a quest. You’ll get a mix of ammo, aid, plans for new items, Caps and Resources. This is the perfect motivation to finish quests or join Public Events.

5. Sleep to heal HP

In previous Fallout games, you could sleep lengthy periods of time to recover your character. While you cannot do that in Fallout 76, you can still sleep for a short period. Sleeping regenerates your HP and takes up to 10 seconds to restore your health from almost dead to max. If you sleep for around 30 seconds, you earn the Rested perk. Ensure you don’t sleep on the ground full of disease or you’ll get infected.

6. It costs caps to travel fast

If you’ve played Elder Scrolls Online, you’ll know that it costs to fast travel. The same mechanic is in place here in Fallout 76. The cost increases depending on how far you need to travel. You can’t travel just anywhere, with fast travel open to places you have discovered, unless the area has a public event nearby. It is free to travel to friends, Vault 76 and your C.A.M.P. at any time.

7. Choose the best starting perks

Fallout 76 uses perk cards to expand your character’s S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attributes. There are various options during the first few hours of the game and finding out what is best for you will depend on your playstyle. The Gladiator perk is a great choice for boosting one-handed melee weapon damage, which is something you’ll be doing a lot! If you want limb targeting in V.A.T.S. early on, choose Concentrated Fire. If you’re playing on your own, the Lone Wanderer perk is needed because you take 10% less damage and a gain of 10% AP regen. If you’re playing the games with friends, then Inspirational gives your team a 5% XP boost. Bodyguards is a great team perk also, as it boosts damage and energy resistance, which is stacked by the number of people on your team.

8. Keep plenty of aluminum and copper to repair weapons

Guns break in Fallout 76, it’s inevitable. The chances of your favourite weapon breaking mid-fight is high and can be really frustrating. To fix weapons, you need plenty of aluminium and copper in your inventory along with steel and adhesive. It’s hard to stock up on copper and aluminium in the wild, so if you see any cans of bone cutters around, loot them and put them in your Stash.

9. Take part in public events

Public events are a big part of Fallout 76 and pop up often throughout the map. Not only are they a great way to earn bottle caps and gain some loot, it also gives you the chance to meet like-minded players that you can team up with. Playing through a Public Event with a stranger is fun and the goal of completing an event as a team is enough to motivate all involved. There are a variety of public events to attend to interest all players, so get down there and join in!

10. Buy bottle caps and items

In Fallout 76, you need all the caps and items you can get to survive in the wasteland. That’s where DigiZani can help. Whether you’re playing on Xbox One, PS4 or PC, we have various Fallout Bottle Caps, Items and Serums services to help you out. Choose the amount of bottle caps, mutation serum or bundle of items that you require and we’ll do the rest. Think of us as a helpful screen on your Pip Boy or a trusty companion like Dogmeat, delivering the goods you need.

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