Animal Crossing Tips & Tricks

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is one of the most popular games available on the Nintendo Switch and is part of a franchise that has been around for nearly 20 years. All this means an immersive experience and hours upon hours of fun! 

That being said, we absolutely love the game here at DigiZani. To help you love the game as much as we do, we’ve put together our top ten tips and tricks to help you turn your deserted island into a paradise.


Speed Everything Up

The animations in Animal Crossing are great and everything but after a while, their repetitive nature can drag a little. Remember that you can tap the A button whilst crafting and the B button whilst talking to hurry everything along. There just aren’t enough hours in the day eh?!


Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labour 

When it comes to making money in Animal Crossing, you have several options. You can sell items like shells, bugs and fish, you can buy items in bulk and sell them on at a profit or you can find out what the ‘hot item’ for that week is in Nook’s Cranny.

These are great but when you’re still in the early game you should really be cultivating a fruit farm. Even though when you start you will only have access to a single type of fruit, you can quickly expand your farm’s produce by visiting either mystery or friends islands.

Remember not to sell that shiny new fruit but to plant it instead – your future self will thank you.

If you’d like a little more info on how to make money in Animal Crossing you can read our in-depth guide on how to become a bellionaire.


Keep Those Pockets in Order

It doesn’t take too long for the size of your pockets to have an impact on what you’re able to carry. When you begin there is nothing to worry about but you’ll soon find yourself having to drop precious items due to lack of space.

Luckily for players, you’re able to store items once you own a house. Items dropped on your own island will even stay there allowing you to come back and retrieve them later. 

The important thing to remember is that when you visit another island you need pocket space! Should you need to drop an item whilst there you won’t be able to retrieve it.


Tread Carefully 

Moving your character through island after island is an important part of Animal Crossing. In New Horizons there are certain commands that every player, new or old, needs to know.

When holding a net, pressing A will make you ‘sneak’. Use this to your advantage when trying to capture bugs that startle easily. Sneak up on them and at the very last minute release A to bring your net crashing down.

Another aspect to remember is that when walking, holding B will cause your character to run. This is fantastic for moving through the world quickly but can scare bugs and fish alike. It can also ruin freshly planted flowers – tread carefully!


The Quest for a Five-Star Rating

Five-star ratings are reserved for only the very best of things in life. That luxury hotel? Five stars. All inclusive holidays to the Caribbean? Five stars. The Uber driver who didn’t engage in small talk? Definitely five stars! 

Like the best things in life, your island deserves a five-star rating. Make sure you’re checking in with Isabelle for an update on how you’re doing. She’ll give you hints and suggestions on how you could improve that overall score.


Make the Most of Nookazon

Nookazon is like the eBay of the Animal Crossing world. The fan-made website allows players from all over the globe to buy and sell their items. If you’re looking for the perfect new sofa or mushroom lamp to finish your home off then look no further. 

When using Nookazon, bear in mind that it is fan-made. You’ll need to read the T&Cs and check out their guide when first getting started.


Use Those Nook Miles

Resources can often become scarce. No matter how long you spend looking for something, it may never appear on your own island. This is where Nook Miles come in. Using these allows you to travel far and wide in order to visit others and collect those all-important resources. 

For 2000 Nook Miles you can purchase a ticket and begin planning your trip. Head to the airport when you’re ready to go and don’t forget to pack light! (See our third tip).


Watch Out For Wasps! (and Spiders)

Wasps are a pain in the bum at the best of times and it’s no different in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Unfortunately, not all things are as cute and cuddly as they seem. If you shake the wrong tree and dislodge a wasps nest you’ll be running for cover! Don’t worry though a quick dose of medicine and you’ll be right as rain.

In a similar vein to wasps, spiders (or more specifically tarantulas), have a nasty habit of trying to hurt you. If you find yourself facing one, grab your net and catch it!


Relax, Take Your Time

A point that gets overlooked not just in Animal Crossing but across an awful lot of modern games is that you’re not meant to be able to blast through it in a matter of days. Starting your island is an investment of time to be rewarded through enjoyment. As tempting as it may be to get everything done as quickly as possible, relax and take your time whilst playing.


Get Tooled Up

When you first enter the wonderful world of Animal Crossing you will have very little indeed. Least of all tools. Completing tasks can be frustrating at the beginning but once you’ve collected the resources needed, you can craft these tools to make life a little easier.

Here’s an extra hint: Shortly after the tutorial you’ll be able to head to a mystery island. When you arrive you’ll find Wilbur waiting who conveniently has all the tools you’ll need for sale. Remember though, they’ll cost you.


Dive Into That Big Blue Sea

A recent update has allowed players to go diving in the ocean. You can catch rare critters like scallops alongside others such as lobsters, octopus and sea grapes. You’ll just need a wet suit to get started. Find yours at the general store and go diving! 

Once at the shoreline, press A to hop into the water. Then swim around to find surface bubbles and hit Y to dive!

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