April Gaming News Roundup: FIFA, GTA V, COD, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Sea of Thieves

The gaming world has been awash with news about your favourite games, even amongst the the big new recent releases. As gamers freed Hope County from the tyrannous Seed family in Far Cry 5 and Kratos smashed his way back into the Playstation universe in the incredible God of War, the gaming world’s biggest hitters still had new things to tell us about their current and future titles. As the E3 hype starts to build up, new information is coming to us all of the time. Here is the latest round up of gaming news.


Will FIFA get the Champions League licence after Konami split?

UEFA have announced that the Champions League licence will not be renewed by Konami after a successful 10-year partnership. First appearing in Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 (released in 2008), the Champions League, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Super Cup modes have adorned the yearly series with the official broadcasting graphics, kits, music and advertising of the biggest club football competitions in the world. This had given the No. 2 football game something to market as it went against FIFA’s dominance.

Speculation is now rife that UEFA will turn to EA Sports to start a new gaming partnership with the series it has not been seen on since 2007. In the past, EA released a separate title focusing just on the Champions League but with the success of the Konami years with them incorporating it into their main game, we expect EA to follow the Japanese title’s model. FIFA fans have been waiting to buy FIFA Coins for any Champions League inspired content and EA know they would be onto a money spinner, if indeed this is what happens. E3 will tell us more in June.

Konami has said it will now “shift focus to other areas” but with EA Sports rumoured to be completing their football licence monopoly, you do wonder how PES can continue to compete against FIFA.


What next for GTA V?

With GTA V now having made double the money of any of the highest-grossing Hollywood and Bollywood movies combined, there is still no stopping Rockstar’s biggest ever game. With that in mind, the Los Angeles based studio have announced a new Premium Online edition of the game will be released, with the aim of bringing in new players. The Criminal Enterprise starter pack will give gamers weapons, properties and vehicles as well as $1,000,000 in GTA cash, bringing the entire in-game value of the items to $10,000,000. It’s quite clear that Rockstar still have huge plans for their online hit.

Alongside a new edition was the reveal of a new online game mode inspired by the classic film, The Italian Job. ‘The Vespucci Job’ sees players face off against each other, in teams, in races across the online map. Three new vehicles are available for this: Vapid Flash GT Sports card, the Weeny Issi Classic and the Sea Sparrow helicopter.


Call of Duty Battle Royale?

Battle Royale games are still dominating the public consciousness with PUBG and Fortnite adding mobile domination to its already huge player bases. It’s no surprise that the big names in online shooters are contemplating dipping their toes into this pool.

The biggest rumour – so far – is the surprising move that Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will launch without a single player campaign at all, on all platforms. Citing lack of time to include a campaign before the October 12th release date, Treyarch want to focus purely on the multiplayer. This isn’t the first time Treyarch have done this, having launched Black Ops 3 on Xbox 360 and PS3 solely as a multiplayer game.

The multiplayer game will include a new Zombies mode and new co-op modes but to fill a huge gap in content, a battle royale mode is rumoured to be in development. Activision are aware of the success of battle royale modes and are said to be keen to get into that market. With the biggest name in online shooters at their disposal, it would be no surprise if this rumour turns out to be true.


Red Dead Redemption Royale?

Not to be left behind by its competition, Red Dead Redemption 2 is expected to launch with an online mode in an attempt, by Rockstar, to have online gaming success once more. Although nobody expects it to be as big as GTA Online, the inclusion of an online Western world would interest many gamers.

So, predictably, RDR2 is also being rumoured to launch with a battle royale mode. The possibility of a 100-person shootout at the OK Corral with bullets and stetson’s flying about in the scorching desert will create quite a picture. Riding off into the sunset atop of your horse after taking down the last of your foes will be one adrenaline rush. With Rockstar’s creative team behind it, anything is possible.


Has Sea of Thieves been a success?

According to NPD, Sea of Thieves enjoyed the second best sales for games in March, making it the most successful launch for any Rare title. Considering their back catalogue includes such classics as Goldeneye 007 and Perfect Dark, this is an incredible feat for the Microsoft owned studio.

The open world pirate game has wowed gamers with its beautifully crafted world and fun multiplayer gameplay. Rare is pushing ahead with its post launch content plans for its hooked player base; The Hungering Deep is due to arrive in May and will introduce a new AI enemy which will require crews to work together to defeat Rare is pushing ahead with its post launch content plans for its hooked player base.

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