DigiZani intends to always provide a safe, professional and secure trading environment for individuals/groups to sell their in-game currency, game items and provide their power levelling expertise.

Our company works with the mission of providing mmorpg virtual currency trading, We are committed to providing you a quality service that meets all your need to sell and trade mmorpg currency. As we actively expand to a wider audience our key goals are to have a strong affiliation with traders that represent us with it being imperative to deliver a high quality service to our customers, in applying to represent us it is important to note that through the supplier portal you would have access to, the chosen game titles you have illustrated to us that you can cover will be directed to your profile from the orders that are created from customers on site. You, along with other associated traders for the game titles chosen to represent are objected to complete the orders in a professional and timely manner, feedback provided back from customers to your profile of the successful trade’s you complete will offer a performance overview and gradually enable you to be awarded a ‘DigiZani Trading Protection” badge which shall act as a recognised and established trader of the site.

Our supplier portal provides real time sales performance as well as occurring payments due to you per order which upon completion and verified as successful are processed each 24 hours to you. More details of this will follow upon applying as a trader, please ensure you provide all relevant details and game titles that you are able to provide for, a follow up email shall be issued once you have.

To promote a safe, fair and competitive gaming environment, we do not condone the use of hacks, illegal macros, illegal advertising and unethical behaviour in game. Any sellers suspected of any of the mentioned acts will be blacklisted and have no form of future dealings with our company. Your satisfaction over dealing with us is imperative and we will at all times aim to make all forms of communication and dealings with you as friendly and professional for your own safe peace of mind.