Best DLC on the Playstation Network

Downloadable content is a common part of gaming these days, with more and more content being added to games as time goes on, further improving their longevity and providing more content for users.

A piece of DLC could be something relatively small, such as an aesthetic change, or could change the shape of the game as a whole by adding new maps and game modes, evolving the story, or even restructuring the game entirely.

Best downloadable content on the Playstation network

In terms of the DLC you can pick on the Playstation Network, there really is an incredible amount of choice available at the moment. From small additions to game changers, here’s a quick look at some of the top pieces of DLC available on the market.

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The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine

The Witcher 3 is an action RPG, and has been one of the more critically acclaimed games in recent years. Blood and Wine was released towards the mid-point of 2016, and was the second and final expansion for the game, bringing its story to a close. This is what makes it great – it isn’t just an artistic change or the addition of a few maps, it evolves on the story told by the game initially, and helps develop the core characters of the game.

As of now, Blood and Wine is available on the Playstation store for £16 – check out a review of it here, claiming it to be “a brilliant end to a brilliant RPG”.

The Last Of Us: Left Behind

Another massively well received game over the past few years has been The Last Of Us, a survival-style game which is renowned for its story.

The game itself and even the Left Behind DLC aren’t exactly hot off the presses, with it being released a few years ago – but it is a fantastic piece of DLC that adds so much more to the game as a whole. In terms of content, it’ll add an extra 2-3 hours on top of the current story, though it’s safe to say that they pack a punch, as this review from Polygon will tell you.

Left Behind can be picked up for just £7.99 on the PSN store.

Rock Band 4 – Rivals + Extra Songs

Now, this may not be very high up the list in terms of overall popularity, seeing as Rock Band is more of a cult favourite – but you have the option of picking up extra songs for the game each week. Each song will cost around $2 to add, with there also being bundles and sales each week.

With Rock Band 4, you can pick up Rock Band Rivals – an expansion which adds a whole new element to the game, allowing you to form a group with a few friends, and attempt to scale the leaderboards each week in a different set of challenges.

If you’re into Rock Band, adding these to the game can provide an incredibly large amount of replayability and longevity to the game. Just adding one song gives you Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert charts for the song on all instruments: Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Keys, and Drums; that’s quite a lot of value for around £1.40.

Call of Duty: MWR Variety Map Pack

Towards the tail-end of 2016, the latest installment of Call of Duty was release: Infinite Warfare. Alongside it came a remastering of one of the true greats of the Call of Duty franchise, and the FPS genre as a whole, in the form of Modern Warfare Remastered, an updated version of CoD 4.

DLC is now being released for this game, with there being remastered versions of the previous maps being added to the PSN marketplace. This map pack includes well-known CoD 4 maps such as Creek and Broadcast, and can be picked up for the oddly specific price of £11.59.

Rocket League: Cars + Keys

One of the biggest success stories in gaming has been the unbelievably quick ascent of Rocket League. The concept is simple enough: it’s football, but with cars, and a massive ball. This simple concept has translated into one of the most played games on the market right now, across Playstation as well as Xbox and PC.

In terms of DLC, the developers have kept it rather simple over the course of the game’s lifespan – they’ve included new cars and a crate system, with maps being added to the game for free.

The crate system works in a similar way to Call of Duty CS:GO, and Overwatch – you pick up some keys, and you open crates to get rewards. In Rocket League, these come in the form of car customisations. Though maybe not game changers, the new cars and subsequent customisations are a great part of the game. During 2016, 2 of the top 5 most downloaded pieces of DLC were Rocket League cars.

Both cars and crate keys can be picked up for a few quid each on the marketplace.

Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited

Another piece of DLC which has been massively popular over the past year is Tamriel Unlimited for Elder Scrolls Online.

Elder Scrolls is a game series which is known to massively immerse users, and it ends up taking up quite a substantial amount of time due to how involved you get in the world and its story. With Tamriel Unlimited, it’s estimated that for single player, this add-on can add between 60 and 200 extra hours of gameplay, with that being down to the massive amount of options presented in this sandbox-style game.

Tamriel Unlimited is currently available for £19.99 on the Playstation store, which is great value considering the amount that is available to the user. Bethesda have provided a quick guide to the DLC via their blog.

That was a selection of the top DLC choices out there on the Playstation Network at the moment. Pick up a Playstation Network card to add funds to your account so that you can easily pick the DLC up straight away.

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  • Carefully enter the code and select ‘Continue’
  • The credit or content is then applied to your account.
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