10 of the Best Fortnite: Chapter 2 Season 3 Challenges

The new season of Fortnite: Chapter 2 is now in full steam, and that means some exciting new challenges await players. A lot has changed as the island is now flooded, and new AI enemies called Marauders have been added. The new vehicle to commandeer – a car has been added as well as part of the last Joy Ride update.

Every week in Season 3 Epic will add new exciting challenges for players, which can earn you XP, helping you level up and unlock new skins and other cosmetic enhancements. A special set of Aquaman challenges will also allow you to unlock the new Aquaman skin.

Collect Stone from Rapid’s Rest

You will be able to complete this challenge in Week 7. While it may seem fairly simple to collect 300 stones from Rapid’s Rest, finding the area will be the tricky part. We know, however, that it’s located in grid square G6, just east of Lazy Lake. To get there simply land at Lazy Lake and follow the river until you reach it. Once you’ve reached, you’ll be able to complete the challenge by harvesting the rocks.

Catch a Weapon at Stack Shack

Week 6 challenges can hardly ever be called “challenging” except for catching a weapon at Stack Shack. Stack Shack is a small island in Grid A4. It features a single shack and plenty of fishing equipment. Grab a fishing pole and go fishing until you reel a weapon – challenge complete!

Dance On Camera at Sweaty Sands

This Week 4 challenge might not be difficult but it’s certainly worth it just for the fun. All you’ll need to do is find the camera at Sweaty Sands and use an emote in front of it for the required time of 10 seconds.

Find Balls of Yarn at Catty Corner

Another Week 7 challenge, and possibly the trickiest of them. You’ll have to collect 3-4 balls of yarn at Catty Corner, grid square G7. However, the area is guarded by the robot cat Kit, and its army of robots, so make sure to have your best gear with you.

Drive a Car from Retail Row to Pleasant Park in Less than 4 Minutes

Time to test Fortnite’s newly added cars. Get behind the wheel and drive from Retail Row to Pleasant Park in four minutes. Once you’ve landed on Retail Row you’ll be able to easily find a vehicle. It shouldn’t be too difficult to complete the challenge if you stick to the road, as grass and dirt will slow you down.

Complete the Boat Time Trial at Motorboat Mayhem

Similar to the Rapid’s Rest challenge in Week 7, this Week 8 challenge is mostly about finding the right area. Our insider info is that you’ll find the Motorboat Mayhem just northwest of Misty Meadows in grid square E7. Once you’re there, hop in the boat and hit all the time trial markers as you navigate your way.

Gas Up a Vehicle at Catty Corner

Another Joy Ride inspired challenge awaits in Week 9, and honestly – we are not disappointed. You’ll find the area in grid square G7, and all you’ll need to do is find any of the new cars and trucks and fill it up, which is a completely intuitive action. All you have to do is pull up to the gas pumps, shut off your engine and pick up a gas canister or a pump. 

Collect Metal at Hydro 16

This is the last Week 9 challenge, and since it’s Week 9 you can expect it to give you some trouble. Finding the area, again, will be your biggest issue but we can give you a tip – it’s the giant dam in grid square D7. Once you land there you’ll need to harvest 200 metal. You should be able to do this relatively quickly and the reward is generous – 35,000 season XP.

Use a Whirlpool at the Fortilla

The Fortilla is one of the new locations on the Season 3 map, located south of the Holly Hedges. All you need to do to clear the first of the Aquaman challenges is to glide the area and drop into a whirlpool. Once you’ve done this, you’ll unlock the King of the Beach loading screen.

Claim Your Trident at Coral Cove

The final Aquaman challenge will have you claim your trident at Coral Cove. The area is located in the northwest section of the map, and the Trident positioned a rock in the middle of the water, between grid squares B2 and B3. To collect the Trident simply hold the “Use” button to collect it. It might take some time to collect the trident so watch out for players who may be looking to pick you off while you try to complete the challenge.

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