Best Places to Land in Fortnite Chapter 2

Fortnite Chapter 2 is finally here with a brand spanking new map. Players have been playing on the original map for 10 seasons now and it was finally time for a change.

A new map means new tips and tricks, new areas and new strategies. There are plenty of things to look forward to with Fortnite Chapter 2, including the new Fortnite Champion Series.

With millions of players jumping into the new map every day, you’ll need to keep ahead of the competition by knowing the best locations and strategies. So where are the best places to land in Fortnite Chapter 2?

Dirty Docks

The first location on our list is Dirty Docks. This is a classic shipyard and can be found on the far east of the map, right next to the water.

In total, Dirty Docks has 28 chests, boats by the water and an upgrade bench, making it one of the most stacked and overpowered locations on the new map. There is also a lot of loot and plenty of materials for the entire lobby to share.

It’s no wonder why this location is the most popular since the release of Chapter 2, this is not an ideal spot however for new starters – expect all guns blazing as soon as you land.

Misty Meadows

If you have played the original Fortnite map, you will soon realise that this location is very similar to one of the old locations. With a layout almost identical to the previous location, Happy Hamlet, many players were able to immediately see a comparison as soon as Chapter 2’s map was released.

Misty Meadows has 28 chests in the area with boats and a gigantic lake for players to fish in and get high-tier consumables.

There is also a small island across from Misty Meadows which has 2 chests as well as plenty of other locations to the other portion of the new map.

Steamy Stacks

Although this location is the furthest in the northeast corner, this new power plant location is a fantastic starting point for new players.

Steamy Stacks has a lot of loot chests, plenty of metal materials to build the most stable bases and also a weapon upgrade station. Not to forget it has access to 2 types of easy-to-use transportation.

If you need a quick getaway, make your way into the base of the cooling towers and there will be pink goo which gives off steam which will fly you into the air, allowing you to glide away from the towers. You can also use the zip lines which will take you south if you’re looking for a cooler getaway.

Slurpy Swamp and Slurp Factory

Arguably the most overpowered location in the game, The Slurpy Swap and the Slurp Factory are fantastic areas to get the best loot early in the match. The best part of this location is that you don’t need to drink shield potions to get full shields, you can stand in the pools of slurp to instantly get a full shield.

With the ability to instantly get shields and plenty of chests scattered around this location, this makes for one of, if not the best place to drop in Fortnite’s new map.

What’s fantastic about these locations is that they’re all next to waterfront. Making for quick getaways and fun battles. Plus, if you’re a fan of fishing, you can fish for weapons and high-tier consumables.

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