What are the Fastest Cars in GTA 2021?

News . January 25, 2021

Check out our insider guide for the full low down on GTA 5’s fastest cars. From Pegassi to Dewbauchee and featuring legends like the Bravado Banshee, we’ll take an in-depth look at which vehicles you should


How to Sell Cars in Forza Horizon 4

News . December 12, 2020

As one of the all-time great racing game franchises, Forza has been delivering quality games for over 15 years. The latest version available on Xbox and PC is 2018’s Forza Horizon 4. In this guide, we’ll


Animal Crossing Tips & Tricks

News . November 23, 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is one of the most popular games available on the Nintendo Switch and is part of a franchise that has been around for nearly 20 years. All this means an immersive experience


Borderlands 3 Legendary Weapons Guide

News . October 25, 2020

It’s no secret that Borderlands 3 plays host to an absolutely incredible arsenal of weaponry. After all, players can select their weapon of choice from a jaw-dropping 1+ BILLION possible combinations! But despite the seemingly endless


How to Get Bells in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

News . September 11, 2020

Making money in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is something you’ll be doing quite a lot. From paying off your debt to Tom Nook, to buying furniture to decorate your new island home, Bells are essential in


Earning Robux: How to Make Money on Roblox

News . August 17, 2020

Roblox is a creator platform that allows players to profit or benefit from making games and even earn real-life money from profit-share schemes and microtransactions. Doesn’t sound like much fun? It certainly is, but you will


10 of the Best Fallout 76 Tips

News . July 22, 2020

Microsoft recently announced that Fallout 76 will be added to the Xbox Game Pass line-up. For many, this addition to the excellent game pass will give players their first taste of the Fallout experience in a


GTA Online Shark Cards Guide

News . June 11, 2020

A Grand Theft Auto Online Shark Card is a great way to add a cash injection to your character without having to commit to hours of grinding. For any person new to the concept, Shark Cards


Best Games to Play During Lockdown

News . May 25, 2020

When lockdown was announced in the UK and across the world, many gamers were thinking the same thing: “we’ve been preparing for this our whole lives!” While many of us would have been told to “get


How to Earn Doubloons in Sea of Thieves

News . February 25, 2020

Sea of Thieves is a pirate-themed action-adventure cooperative first-person multiplayer game that allows players to explore a vast open world in their own pirate ship. The game includes epic quests and voyages to enjoy while you

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