Fastest Way to Level Up in Call of Duty

The release of the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare saw huge changes brought to the series by Infinity Ward. Gone is the battle pass that separated players from newly-released maps, but there has also been a change to how you are ranked in-game.

Ranking up is a big part of Modern Warfare’s online multiplayer. To progress, players will unlock weapons, perks and more, by using methods that maximise XP gain.

In previous CoD games, the Prestige system dominated online play. This has been replaced with the Officer Rank system. Once players hit the level cap of 55, they can enter Officer Ranks, which resets players rankings and offers rewards for each additional level. The final rank is 100, but this resets at the beginning of a new season.

Much like most online games, Modern Warfare rewards players who play more often. The more you play, the more XP you gain. Players rank up by gaining a large amount of kills or winning matches. However, there are other methods players can use to rank up fast.

Choose Game Modes Wisely

Some game modes offer a faster way of gaining experience points than others. Quick Play gives players five game modes to choose from in the core playlist. Objective game modes offer most experience points on completion.

Cyber Attack and Search and Destroy are core game modes that reward 500 XP points with every kill. If you prefer high-intensity, fast-paced gun play, then you need the round-based modes.

Domination and Headquarters give out a ton of experience points for those who want to get a large amount of kills and a high objective score – you’ll get additional XP for those as well!

Ground War is an efficient mode for quick XP. The large-scale conflict allows for high-kill games and multiple objectives so you can rack up those experience points!


Players can be rewarded for completing daily challenges and missions that offer large amounts of XP over a short and long period of time. A daily challenge offers a small reward that can be done quickly. Missions take longer to complete, but reward a larger amount of experience points.

Best way to combine the two is to select a mission and complete daily challenges within that mission.

There are daily challenges that offer 6,000 experience points. Despite being the most difficult missions, they take around 1-2 hours to complete.

Multiplayer missions are a great method for gaining a good amount of experience points over a longer period of time. Each mission contains independent objective rewards, which grant players points and loot. There are two missions that offer 10,000 experience points.

  • Shock and Awe – Awards 10,000 XP once all eight challenges are completed:
    • Call in 30 Personal Radars
    • Get 25 kills with Shield Turrets
    • Call in 30 UAVs
    • Call in 25 Care Packages
    • Get 20 kills with Cluster Strikes
    • Get 20 kills with Precision Airstrike
    • Get 30 kills with Wheelson
    • Get 20 kills with Chopper Gunner
  • Well Equipped – Awards 10,000 XP once all eight challenges are completed:
    • Get 25 Thermite kills
    • Get 25 Frag grenade kills
    • Stun 30 Enemies with Stun grenades
    • Get 25 Molotov kills
    • Get 20 Proxy Mine kills
    • Get 25 Semtex Kills
    • Regain 2500 Health with Stim
    • Get 25 Throwing Knife kills
    • Get 25 Thermite kills

Other missions such as Warrior’s Code, Elite Sniper and Perks of the Job also give out large amounts of experience points.


You can call in effective kill-streaks such as Gunship or Chopper Gunner result in high-kill games, they rarely provide a large boost in experience points.

Alternatively, you can destroy enemy UAVs and Personal Radars to gain experience points while playing regular matches. Considering the kill-streaks are called in often, players can earn XP by blowing them up with a Rocket Launch.

These are just a few ways to level up fast in Modern Warfare multiplayer. You can also take advantage of one of our Boosting Lobby Services on PS4, Xbox One or PC which will help you rank your prestige and weaponry up fast.

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