Sea of Thieves

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Sea of Thieves Boosting

Do you need extra Sea of Thieves coins? In order for you to be called a pirate legend you’ll need to conquer the seven seas. To do that, you’ll need all the Sea of Thieves gold and doubloons you can find. Take a look at DigiZani’s Sea of Thieves boosting services available for Xbox & Windows Steam now!


What is Sea of Thieves Gold Used For?

Gold is highly valuable in Sea of Thieves. The more you can find, the more you will be able to do. Obtaining gold is crucial to progressing in the game as you’ll find plenty of situations to spend it. Keep an eye out for shops and companies found at seaposts and outposts – remember to spend your Sea of Thieves gold wisely!


Sea of Thieves Level Boosting

Levelling up gives you access to an array of new items and equipment that will help you on your quest to become a pirate legend. At DigiZani, we offer Sea of Thieves boosting services that increase your level quickly and easily. The options available to you are:

  • Faction Powerleveling – Level your factions up multiple levels at a time! Doing this leads to better missions and higher payouts
  • Sea Dogs Arena Boosting – Boost your rank in the Sea Dogs Arean where crews battle it out for gold, silver and reputation!
  • Tall Tales Boosting – Take the hassle out of completing these extremely difficult missions
  • Pirate Legend Boosting –  Becoming a pirate legend is no mean feat – unlock all this level has to offer now!


How DigiZani Works

We get asked a lot about our processes and how we deliver products to customers. All you need to do is follow these simple steps;


  1. Purchase the required amount of coins or rankings boosts from the relevant product page
  2. Provide your account details and make sure you have 2FA turned OFF
  3. Sign out of your accounts to allow our supplier to deliver your coins or boost your rank
  4. Wait for confirmation of delivery before you sign back in


It’s as easy as that! Let us take the hassle out of unlocking coins and boost your Sea of Thieves rank today.