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GTA Online Shark Cards Guide

A Grand Theft Auto Online Shark Card is a great way to add a cash injection to your character without having to commit to hours of grinding. For any person new to the concept, Shark Cards are the currency you can buy with real money. Purchased cash is automatically deposited into your character’s Maze Bank account so you can make in-game purchases. The cards have remained at the same levels since GTA Online was released in 2013, but the price of vehicles and properties available has increased tenfold.

In this guide, you can find information about every Shark Card and what you can buy with them, and also introduce Shark Card alternatives to solve your money problems.


Megalodon Shark Card – $8,000,000

If you want to be a high roller in Los Santos and Blaine County, then you buy a Megalodon Shark Card. Players looking to add a Scramjet supercar ($4.5m), a Deluxo flying car ($4.7m) or a Lazer fighter jet ($6.5m) can do so with the purchase of a Megalodon. Amazingly, despite being the biggest cash card you can buy in-game, there are still items that are more expensive, including the Luxor Deluxe plane ($10m). 

Cost: £64.99 / $99.99 / €74.49


Whale Shark Card – $3,500,000

The Whale Shark Card weighs in at $3,500,000, allowing you to buy a decent amount of expensive vehicles or a few of the properties dotted around Los Santos. If you’re starting to buy a Whale Shark Card, you’ll realise it’s now more expensive than buying GTA V itself. At this level, you’re taking your online bank and purchases more seriously.

Cost: £31.99 / $49.99 / €37.99


Great White Shark Card – $1,250,000

The Great White Shark Card can certainly take a bite out of your planned GTA cash spending. The online game has a lot of high-end sports cars and supercars that are worth just over a million dollars. Compared to the cheaper cards below, the Great White Shark offers decent value.

Cost: £11.99 / $19.99 / €14.99


Bull Shark Card – $500,000

Half a million GTA cash is not something you should dismiss straight away because you will be able to buy a huge number of vehicles to add to your fleet. You won’t get anything at the top end of the market and you’ll struggle to purchase multiple vehicles with that card, but you can still add to your fleet. If you really want that one car and it fits into your budget, then go for it.

Cost: £6.19 / $9.99 / €7.49


Tiger Shark Card – $200,000

At this point, you can’t buy much with a Tiger Shark Card, but it is good for topping up a little extra if needed. You can save yourself a little money by not paying for two Red Shark Cards, but really there isn’t much left in GTA Online you can buy alone with either.

Cost: £3.29 / $4.99 / €3.99


Red Shark Cash Card – $100,000

The cheapest Shark Card available, the Red Shark doesn’t offer much value for money costing over double what you’d pay for the same amount of in-game cash if you bought a more expensive card. While it may have been helpful during the first year or so of GTA Online, items added to the game in the last few years are much more expensive to buy. You can combine the card with some of your funds to buy older weapons or vehicles released during that first year, but not much.

Cost: £1.99 / $2.99 / €2.49


Shark Card Alternatives

Because of the expensive nature of Shark Cards, gamers are turning to alternatives to improve their GTA cash flow. DigiZani has various cash packs popular with gamers that can support your domination of Los Santos.


Cash Drops

Solve any cash problems you may have in GTA V with a GTA Cash Drop. Available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC, these Shark Card alternatives provide a cash injection for up to 60% cheaper than a Shark Card. Choose from $2m right up to $10m, complete the form and we’ll do the rest!


Millionaire Cash Drops

If you need even more cash, the Millionaire Cash Drops for PlayStation and Xbox are for the serious players. Starting from $10m, choose up to the amount you desire and we’ll do the rest. Become a true high roller in Los Santos.


Car Dealer Service

If it’s a new fleet of cars you want for up to 60% less than paying for a Shark Card, our Car Dealer service is ideal for you. You can then sell these cars on for the desired cash you need. We also have a Modded Cars service for PlayStation if you want to fill out your garage more permanently.


Casino Chips & High Roller Bundle

We know you love the GTA Online Casino Update and the chance to have fun and make more online cash. To get more money, you need some money to start with. Our High Roller Bundle is perfect for giving you a heap of cash to spend in the casino. If you’re on the PC version, we also have Casino Chip Bundles exclusively for use at The Diamond Casino & Resort.

It’s important to remember that cash is king in this town and with the occasional purchase of cash drops, you can stay at the top of your game. For more GTA V Cash & Rank services, browse the collection on DigiZani and pick the best package for you.

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