How To Get Money Fast In GTA V: Shark Cards

GTA V is still one of the top games out there at the moment, with there being around 80,000 players online at peak times every day on Steam alone. GTA V multiplayer – and GTA in general – centres around one thing: money. When you turn up in an online lobby, you’ll quickly find that cash money does indeed rule everything around you. Simply put, having more GTA cash and Shark Cards gives you access to more content, as covered in one of our previous articles on. One part of the financial spectrum in GTA 5 would be shark cards. It’s likely that you’ll have heard of shark cards + the effect you can have you on in-game. In our how to get money fast in GTA 5 guide, we provide a quick rundown of shark cards in GTA V, including what they are, whether they’re worth it, as well as potential alternatives.

What Are Shark Cards?

In GTA V online, shark cards are essentially a form of microtransaction that, when redeemed, provides you with money in-game that you can use in GTA V’s online multiplayer mode. This is a big boost when it comes to unlocking items in game, considering that you’ll need to pay for all the fancy new items that are available to you upon ranking up, as well as various activities.

How to Get Shark Cards in GTA 5

Shark cards come in the form of a code that can be redeemed on the platform it has been bought for. Playstation/Xbox users can pick them up in-game through the following steps:

  • Press the START button while in a GTA V Freemode session.
  • Go to either the Xbox Games Store tab or the Playstation Store tab
  • Select your choice from the range of Shark Card price options
  • Begin your purchase – you will be taken to an “Xbox Game Stores” or “PlayStation Store Purchase Confirmation” menu to finish the purchase.
  • The cash you’ve bought will then be deposited into your GTA Online character’s bank account.

PC users can pick up Shark Cards in game through these steps:

  • Open the Social Club menu upon loading the game.
  • Select ‘Store’ and choose your Shark Card.
  • Select ‘Checkout’ to complete the process
  • Again, the funds will be in your character’s bank account.

Cards bought externally can be redeemed through the Redeem Codes section of your chosen platform.

How Much Are GTA Shark Cards?

Shark Cards will, of course, vary in price depending on where you buy them from. If you’re picking them up in-game from Rockstar themselves, here is the overall pricing structure in GBP:

  • Red Shark (GTA $100,000): £1.99
  • Tiger Shark (GTA $200,000): £3.19
  • Bull Shark (GTA $500,000): £5.99
  • Great White Shark (GTA $1,250,000): £11.99
  • Whale Shark (GTA $3,500,000): £30.79
  • Megalodon Shark (GTA $8,000,000): £64.99

When it comes to whether they’re worth it or not, it’s difficult to gauge – microtransactions are a huge part of online gaming these days. Being able to avoid the “grind” of working your way through the levelling structure of GTA V and get quicker access to all of the crazy unlockables in GTA V can be a great thing to have. That being said, they may seem a bit steep considering that you don’t get an enormous amount of in-game money for them. The Megalodon Shark Card will set you back a pretty penny and will provide you with $8m in-game. This will definitely help you out and provide you with access to a lot of content, though it’s a lot to spend considering that one of the premier items in the game – the Yacht – will cost you $7,000,000, showing that it’s quite finite.

What Are The Alternatives to Shark Cards?

Elbow Grease

When it comes to alternatives, the first one that springs to mind is to simply avoid using them. Though it can feel like more of a grind, it could potentially be more rewarding to manually earn each dollar that comes into your GTA Online bank account.

Cash drops

Another alternative, if you really do fancy skipping the “grind”, would be to use Cash Drops. These will allow you to pick up a large amount of money for your GTA bank account, while providing a lot more in terms of value. For example, you can grab a $25,000,000 cash drop for £52 on the PS4. Again, shark cards are a great option, as is working through the game without any sort of transaction, although a cash drop offers a great amount of value.

Modded Accounts

If you are an avid Shark Card user in GTA V You could be saving yourself a lot of time and money! Why not give it a try? Check out our Range of GTA V Modded accounts all you need to do is select your platform, choose a package, enter your details and away you go!

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