Forza Horizon 4 Money Making: How to Get Credits

Forza Horizon 4 is the most recent game in the popular Microsoft Studios series developed by Playground Games for both PC and Xbox One. The open world racing game is set in a fictional version of the United Kingdom with many races available to play on the massive map. The game allows you to drive over 450 cars licensed by names such as Aston Martin, Bugatti, Ferrari, McLaren and more. To get the best cars in Forza Horizon 4, you need credits (CR). But what is the fastest way to earn money on Forza Horizon 4? Find out below!

Take Part in Races and Events

The simplest way to earn credits in Forza is to compete in races and events. From the moment you first enter a car in the game, you are rewarded for completing the first race or showcase event. How many credits you get after each race will be determined by various factors. Finishing first will get you more CR than finishing last. The difficulty of the race is also a factor, with harder difficulties bringing in more CR to spend. Combining a first place finish with the highest difficulty will gain you the highest amount of credits possible for a race. Tweaking the assistance features and choosing between automatic and manual transmission will affect the bonus you receive.

Horizon Stories

My Horizon Life offers various engaging routes to gaining easy cash fast. There are various activities such as credits, Wheelspins, Super Wheelspins available for all. When the game launched, four 10-chapter stories were available for players to discover. Completing one awards 7,500 influence so finishing all 40 chapters awards players 300,000 influence. You’ll earn that alongside the bonuses you achieve for levelling up including cars, CR points, wheel spins and more.

Each challenge takes around 10 minutes to complete which is great for earning Forza credits quickly.

Forza Rewards

Forza Rewards provides you with another money making tactic on Forza Horizon 4. These award you different credits for whichever Tier Level you are on. You can earn between 25-500k per week just from these alone. If you reach Tier 13, you will earn 500,000 CR a week just for signing in. To earn your rewards, you need to redeem your weekly reward. Having the Forza Hub app allows you to redeem them on your PC. For a quick way to earn a potential 2 million a month, redeeming your rewards is worth it.


Auction Cars

With the amount of cars you can earn through progression, there will be cars in your garage you don’t particularly like. Therefore, the auction feature is great for earning some fast money and CR. Simply create an auction within the game and select which car you want to sell. If you want to sell the car you are currently driving, you will need to switch to another car before you can auction it.

Being a good “wheeler dealer” on Forza Horizon 4 also pays for players. If you’re able to buy valuable cars for a low price, you can resell them at auction for a higher price. If you can earn a valuable car from rewards, races, barn finds and wheelspins, you can decide which are worth selling for a hefty profit.

Wheelspins and Super Wheelspins

Since their introduction in Forza Horizon 2, Wheelspins have given players another opportunity to earn more money after achieving a new level. They have become a reliable source of easy money, with rare Wheelspins offering up to 250k CR for completing them. You will earn the majority of your Wheelspins through general gameplay but there are other ways to obtain them.

If you unlock mastery perks on a vehicle, you will be rewarded with a Wheelspin. You can also purchase some using skill points, with the Forzathon offering them at 40 FT points each.

Super Wheelspins offer more of a chance of earning credits and big prizes. With three up for grabs, you could easily spend your points here, but you will need plenty of skill points. Super wheelspins are available at 150 FP each in the For. The element of chance remains with what you will earn.

Buying properties in the game will earn Wheelspins. If you’re lucky enough to purchase Bamburgh or Edinburgh Castle, they will give you 10 free super wheelspins. However for 10M and 15M respectively, you’d expect some perks at least.

Forza Horizon 4 VIP

By purchasing the Ultimate Edition edition of the game or buying the VIP pass separately, you can earn 2x CR bonus for all races. This means you will make a lot of money just by playing Forza Horizon 4 a lot. You’ll also earn a lot just by selling the cars and using the Super Wheelspins on offer.

Rewards of the Forza Horizon 4 VIP pass includes:

  • VIP Crown Flair
  • 3 Exclusive Forza Edition Cars
  • VIP Vanity Items
  • VIP Emote
  • Car Horn
  • Free Player House
  • 2x Credit Race Rewards (which is great if you play often)
  • Weekly Super Wheelspins

How to Buy Credits for Forza Horizon 4

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