How to Earn Doubloons in Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is a pirate-themed action-adventure cooperative first-person multiplayer game that allows players to explore a vast open world in their own pirate ship. The game includes epic quests and voyages to enjoy while you can engage in combat with other players. 

The game has two main in-game currencies. The first is gold which players can use to unlock cosmetics and voyages. However, the most valuable currency in the game is Doubloons. Find out how to get doubloons, the best ways to earn them and what you can spend your hard-earned currency on.

How to Earn Money Fast in Sea of Thieves

As the game has expanded, there are now various ways to get doubloons. Previously, you could only earn them through Bilge Rat adventures. The following activities will reward you with doubloons.

Bilge Rat Adventures

Bilge Rat adventures act as a quest that sends players into new activities. Every adventure contains several commendations, with each set rewarding a certain amount of doubloons. When an event ends, you can still continue to collect doubloons, unless they are part of the Mercenary voyages.

To find Bilge Rate adventures, bring up the menu, select the Reputation tab and select the Bilge Rat tile. This opens up a menu with various tiles with each one containing various commendations. Open any adventure and look at the commendations available and select one with a blue doubloon icon and number on it, which tells you how many you’ll earn.

Mercenary Voyages

Mercenary Voyages are the limited-time adventures in Sea of Thieves – a title previously held by the Bilge Rat adventures. These adventures are only available for two weeks before leaving the game and reward doubloons. You should complete these first when they become available because other adventures always stay in the game.

Reaper’s Chests

Reaper Chests are the newest types of chest in Sea of Thieves. These chests spawn randomly throughout the world such as sunken ships or can be found by following a Skeleton Captain’s map. 

A Reaper Chest spawns in the game every now and again. You can see when one has landed by searching for firework-like lights. Reaper’s Chests can also be found by looking at the map and searching for the Reaper’s mark. Remember that a Reaper’s mark stays on the map for all players, so if you pick up the chest, other players will be able to track you down.

You will receive 25 doubloons by selling the Reaper’s Chest to Duke or Stitcher Jim at any Tavern.

Ritual Skulls

Another recent addition to the game is the Ritual Skull. These skulls can be found anywhere in the wild and sold to Duke for 10 doubloons. Despite it not being much, it’s a great way to earn that little extra doubloons while out adventuring. Alternatively, a Ritual Skull can be used to begin the Fort of the Damned.

Rag and Bone crates

Rag and Bone crates were added to the game in the recent Smuggler’s Fortune. These crates can be brought to Seaposts for 5 doubloons. This is a nice way to earn a few more doubloons alongside the Ritual Skulls.

Gifts – Humble and Generous

This feature was added with the Season of Plenty event, giving players the chance to find gifts washed up around the shore. You can pick these up and take them to the masked stranger on the Reaper’s Hideout Island to earn 5 or 10 doubloons.

Ashen Tomes, Chests and Keys

There are now new Ashen items in the game which reward doubloons. The Ashen chest can only be opened with an Ashen key, which is dropped by the new Ashen skeleton captains. These chests contain new Tomes that can be sold to Stitcher Jim for doubloons. Alternatively, you can sell the Ashen keys for extra doubloons. When you’ve finished with the Ashen chest, this can be sold as well.

What to Buy With Doubloons

Doubloons can be used to:

  1. Trade for gold.
  2. Trade for a full level of reputation with a trading company.
  3. Buy event and expansion cosmetic items.

If you want to buy items, find Duke the Bilge Rat who can be found in any Tavern around the game world. Duke sells special limited-edition ship cosmetics, clothing and weapons. These items are only around for a limited time so they will disappear from his store. There are some items, however, that will always be available. There are also 10 other items that can be bought to help you on your voyages:

  • Explorer’s Stash (2,500 gold)
  • Adventurer’s Loot (5,000 gold)
  • Bilge Rat’s Hoard (10,000 gold)
  • Letter of Culinary Recommendation
  • Letter of Formal Recommendation
  • Letter of Glorious Recommendation
  • Letter of Golden Recommendation
  • Letter of Mystical Recommendation
  • Skull Stash Voyage
  • Ashen Chest Stash Voyage

You should only purchase gold with your doubloons if players are short on cash and have doubloons to spare. However, it’s quite easy to make gold in the game or even buy all the Sea of Thieves Gold you need at DigiZani.

The recommendations are needed to add a full level to a rank you have with a single trading company. The Letter of Golden Recommendation takes a player from level 45 to level 46 in Gold Hoarders with any XP carrying over to the next level (if you are level 45 and a half, you go up to level 46 and a half). The other recommendations will help you level up with the Merchant Alliance, Order of Souls, Hunter’s Call and Sea Dogs.

The voyage items unlock special missions that help you find the special Ritual Skulls you need to activate the Fort of the Damned and the Ashen Chests which house the new Tomes.

The recommendations are essential if you want to get to Pirate Legend because they make the last push from level 49 to 50 easier. You should stockpile your doubloons to ensure you can buy enough Letters or Recommendation to level up faster. Remember that all players are limited to one Letter of Recommendation a month per trading company.

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