How to Get More VC in WWE 2K20

The 21st game in the WWE series, WWE 2K20 released in October 2019 with fans excited to play the latest iteration of one of the world’s most popular sports titles. 2K20 saw the first game in the series to not be made by Yuke’s with Visual Concepts taking complete control over development. However, the game was met with some criticism as bugs and glitches plagued its initial release – patches have since rectified many of the issues.

With little time to make huge changes from 2K19, the majority of systems in the game remain the same. This includes 2K’s virtual currency (VC).


What is VC in WWE 2K20?

VC is the main in-game currency in WWE 2K20. With it, you can purchase and unlock Superstars, Legends, Arenas, Championships and items to build your MyCareer wrestler. To get the most out of 2K20 and keep it fresh, you need a lot of virtual currency. 

In this guide, we’ll give you all the tips and tricks you need to farm VC in WWE 2K20, to enjoy everything this game has to offer.

Win Matches

Winning any match in 2K20 gets you a lot of VC. In any standard bout, pick two wrestlers for a competitive match and win it to earn money. However, if you’re smart, you can earn VC really quickly. 

For example, if you pick strong, highly rated wrestlers and fight against low-rated wrestlers you can win matches with ease very quickly. Set up a match between Braun Strowman and Tony Nese, take control of the Monster Among Men and dominate your 205 Live opponent for easy points. 

Always use different moves to defeat your opponent as doing the same moves repeatedly bores the audience and affects your overall rating. 

You must focus on delivering interesting and entertaining matches for the crowd. New moves always get the crowd going, so try to use as many as possible. You should also consider mixing the match up a bit as well. Fight outside the ring and head backstage to pop the crowd and increase the hype. There’s always fun to be had when the match becomes unpredictable. Ratings will increase and you’ll be rewarded nicely with VC.

If you complete your match with a finisher, the game will give you a huge amount of coins. When your opponent is ready to be finished, end with a finisher and you will farm a nice amount of VC.

VC in MyCareer Mode

It’s also possible to grind out virtual currency in MyCareer mode. This mode is where you use your created wrestler in a number of different modes, including story mode to become the most dominant force in sports entertainment. This is the first MyCareer mode in WWE to feature both male and female lead characters. 

The number of fights you pick in this mode increases the amount of VC you pick up, but you don’t get a lot here. To get digital currency from MyCareer, you need to keep fighting and keep winning. 

Alternatively, you can sell cosmetic and move items that you aren’t using. Keeping them if you’re not going to use them is useless. Once you sell these items, you can farm them for VC to spend on items you do want. 

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