How to Prestige in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Activision’s juggernaut shooter’s latest title, Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War, has a huge range of rewards and cosmetics available to players. However, the aspect most fans are excited about is the return of the Prestige system. It has undergone a few changes since it was last used, which we’ll detail below in our guide on how to Prestige in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

Call of Duty Initial Progression

When you first play Cold War, you will start at the bottom at level one, exactly the same as you’d start previous CoD titles. To start with, you will need to rank up by playing the game up to level 55 in the progression system to unlock weapons, perks and scorestreaks. 

After reaching level 55, each of your weapons has its own upgrade path in Create-a-Class, allowing you to craft the perfect loadout by grinding certain guns. 

Upon reaching level 55, a new Prestige system kicks in, which features unified progression between all currently available Call of Duty games – Cold War, Modern Warfare and Warzone.

How Cold War’s Prestige System Works

The prestige system in Cold War is different to previous games where you’d lose all unlocks and start progressing again. Instead, you don’t lose any weapon unlocks or other level-up progress. Instead, there are Prestige milestones you must reach during every season. The milestones, challenges and rewards change every season, meaning your grind will never stop.

Put simply, you progress your ranks from one to 55 as standard, play the game and unlock all your guns. Once there, you will start the Seasonal Leveling system at Prestige 1, keep your current content, earn a new special sticker and emblem and get a Prestige Key.

When you reach Season Level 50, you will be promoted to Prestige 2 and at 100 you will go up to Prestige 3. Now that the Prestige system is unified between all games, your level will reset during a new season but you will continue from the highest Prestige rank you got in the previous season.

During each season, an extra four Prestige ranks will be added and a weapon blueprint is offered at Season Level 50. This means you will earn a new Prestige after every 50 levels to a total of four every season.

You can earn progress towards the next Prestige and catch up to the latest available one if you didn’t reach it last season.

Season Challenges

Season One started on 10th December 2020, where you can unlock up to 40 Calling Cards each season – 20 for Cold War Zombies and 20 for Multiplayer. Calling Cards are gained by completing Season Challenges, which unlock after every 10 levels up to Prestige Master Level  200. If you are able to complete all Season Challenges, you can earn the Season Master Calling Card as well.

What are Prestige Master Ranks?

For players who enjoy the grind, there are Prestige Master ranks. If you get to level 200 in any season, you will be known as “Prestige Master”. This will change the colour of your Prestige level and allow you to customise your icon with various Prestige emblems from previous CoD games. You can unlock these by using your Prestige Keys.

A single Prestige Key unlocks every 50 Prestige Levels, so with up to 1000 levels available for those intense grinders, you have the chance to earn 20 keys each season. You can use these Prestige Keys in the Prestige Shop to buy Legacy Prestige Icons, and you can equip them if you have achieved the rank of Prestige Master during that season. 

Reaching Prestige Master earns you a title, and you will be able to earn this six times during every future season in the game. This new level of Prestige has been designed to ensure all fans of Black Ops have plenty to do before the next title arrives. Milestone rewards will be given every 50 levels, so there are plenty of reasons to keep playing. Because progress is linked between Warzone, Modern Warfare and Cold War, you can play all three and still see progression.

How Global Leveling Works

From the start of Season One, Seasonal Prestige is available in Modern Warfare, Warzone and Cold War, meaning every player on those games starts their  progression path without losing anything they’ve unlocked previously. Everything is now joined together: Battle Pass, Prestige and leveling.

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