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Very good

I got what I ordered and the people were very nice. It was alittle slow to get my order in but once it went through they talked to me throughout the process and gave me updates. Definitely recommend using their discord


Got banned in 3 weeks do NOT buy please don’t waste your money on this guy

Cod Points 13,000

Excellent service took 1 hour to get it delivered to my account will recommend.


I bought it and it was good for a while ...but abt 2 months later i was banned

Not a scam and worth the wait

I am very satisfied with my order, I got even more money than I payed for and is definitely worth the wait, the price is very cheap comparing to the Shark Cards and the supplier (Dimitriy) and the support from Andapooh makes it an even better experience, again it’s worth the wait for the amount and for the price you are getting. It takes about a week for it to be completed and is not a scam, for first time buyers you just need to be patient and you will be happy with the result. I completely recommend and will be buying again soon when I need it or even for other games. This is an amazing website! I got $300M more than I ordered ($150M).

Car services

This coming from a real person, I been using digizani since 2020 they get the job done trust 💯

Pretty good

throughout the process i was thinking it was a scam but turned out it was actually pretty legit and i got the money

1 billion gta cash

Love it, was fast 2 days trust worthy. Buyer was super nice and cool, would purchase again

About billions

I tried this website once, I was a bit iffy about giving access to my account but in 48 hours….i went from having 800k to 90 million with 285 deluxos in another account to sell. Worth every penny.

Highly recommended

Thought 20 mil for 25 only took a day and they gave me extra !

Spectacular service

They have always been quick and helpful when completing orders. Never had one bad experience. Truly the best place to go if you're a retired GTA online grinder

5 friggin stars

Perico who? I got tired after grinding for 3 years for scraps. Me and a friend hit the Perico island one day for 12 hours straight just to come up on 15 million a piece. Now with this, I had 90 million in the account and 285 deluxos to sell and I don’t have to grind 9000 missions back to back just to be able to buy 1 or 2 cars. Love this site, keep up the good work.


It was amazing it was fast and easy

Trustworthy and reliable

Took a couple days and the money was in my account I’m very happy with this company and definitely recommend! I will be buying again soon !!!


Been going to digizani since 2021 and have not been let down but the delivery times in 2023 and 2024 are really slow i had to wait 3 days for my order



not fake

very good and i got mine within 48 hours

Best ever

Only site I’m dealing with hands down

Very good

Was quick, delivered just as promised, and at an incredible price. Not a botted review, this is probably my 7th time ordering from them and they are actually pretty trustworthy.

Trustworthy and Fast

I ordered cash drops a few times and so far I still have my account and I’m rich. It’s definitely a good website, about to order another.

Very good

Digizani is a very good company they are safe they take time and good prices


Very outstanding, making my character feel amazing.

Gta 5 cash drop

Giving it 5 stars

The Go To Place for Cash

I’ve been coming to Digizani since 2018 for my GTA cash needs and they have always came through. They are always reliable and get the job done. I would recommend the service to anyone. I feel secure using their services and will continue coming back for further service.