Animal Crossing New Horizons Items

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Why Buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Items?

As the seasons in ACNH come and go, many players spend hours fretting about catching their desired fish or growing their perfect crops. Although there are plenty of tips and tricks to help, this process can take too long.
Animal Crossing is a game that’s meant to be played in real-time, meaning users have to wait long periods for things to happen. However, to get around this you have the option of buying bells, fish bait, NMT and villagers to increase the number of ACNH items you have at your disposal.

Animal Crossing Items for Sale

Due to the sheer number of ACNH items available, it can be confusing deciding what to get. Here’s our rundown of the best Animal Crossing items to buy:
Turnips. Turnips have been incredibly popular items in Animal Crossing for a number of generations now. They are vegetables whose price fluctuates compared to other common items like oranges or apples. You can buy them from Daisy Mae every Sunday before 12 noon with their price varying from week to week. Remember though – you need to sell them by the end of Sunday or else they will start to rot! They are worth it though as profits can be high.
Iron Nuggets. Iron nuggets are highly sought after by many players. This is down to them being used often for crafting decors and tools. You’ll also be able to build Nook’s Cranny using them too. You can get them in the game by hitting rocks but you’ll only yield a few at a time – you can travel to other islands and farm their rocks but we don’t think the owner would be too happy!
Fruits. When you first start on your Animal Crossing adventure your island will only have one fruit that’s native to it. There are six types in total: cherries, apples, coconuts, pears, oranges and peaches. Although you will only be able to grow one type on your island, you can trade with other players to diversify your island and make it look great!
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