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In the world of Call of Duty, boosting describes a strategy where players collaborate to rack up kills, aiming to climb the ranks swiftly. It involves diving into shared game lobbies, particularly modes like Free-for-All, orchestrating scenarios to exchange free headshots, knife takedowns, explosive eliminations and more. This collaborative effort makes it easy to unlock camos and access new weaponry. COD boosting allows you to boost your game to the next level using an in-game modded lobby hosted by our suppliers. You’ll be invited to a COD bot lobby where you are guaranteed a minimum of 100 kills, with each game lasting around 10 minutes. Within a COD modded lobby, you will be able to quickly build your XP, gain prestige, get all the best Calling Cards, unlock golden guns and complete challenges. With a modded COD lobby, you’ll be able to build your headshot, longshot and rapid kill count, while working towards challenges and camouflages. In these boosting lobbies, you will be able to gain a huge amount of XP per game, allowing you to rank up incredibly quickly.
With CoD boosting services, players can efficiently achieve various in-game tasks. These include leveling up weapons such as ARs, SMGs, rifles, pistols, shotguns or LMGs to the maximum level. Additionally, you can acquire Call of Duty points, level up your account and gain prestige levels. Boosting services also assist in unlocking a variety of camos for weapons, including rare ones. Players can obtain permanently-unlocked schematics, allowing for more effective loadout customization. Finally, COD boosting services enable you to collect Calling Cards, skins and other cosmetic items to personalize your in-game appearance and profile.
With a COD modded account service, we’ll gain access to your online account, whether that’s on Xbox One, Xbox Series X or S, PS4, PS5 or PC. Once you have made the payment, you will need to provide us with your account login details. Our suppliers will then be able to gain access to your account and perform whichever recovery service has been purchased. Once the necessary steps have been completed, you will be notified and able to sign in to your account once again. Once you sign in, you will find the relevant unlocks in your COD modded account.
We offer modded accounts, max prestige and boosting lobby services across the full range of Call of Duty titles including Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Modern Warfare 3, Black Ops 4, Ghosts and WWII. We offer services for these titles across PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.
Our Call of Duty boosting services are very safe and we are not aware of any boosted accounts receiving bans. As a fully registered UK-based company, we prioritise trust and transparency. You can see all of our previous customer reviews, totaling nearly 12,000 across various products and services, with an impressive average rating of 4.96 out of 5. If you need assistance or have doubts about the legitimacy of our services, our dedicated 24/7 customer support is here to address all your concerns quickly. Feel free to reach out; we're eager to answer any questions you might have regarding our Call of Duty boosting services.