Call of Duty Recovery Services

Call of Duty Recovery Services

Need to boost your COD rank or unlock new weapons? At DigiZani we can instantly increase your in-game level, help you prestige and add those rare and hard to get items to your loadout. Whether you’re playing older titles like Modern Warfare or newer ones like Black Ops Cold War, we have a Call of Duty recovery service for you. On this page, you can find all the details about specific services on offer and how they can help you.


What is a boosting lobby?

A boosting lobby is quite simply an in-game lobby that is set up with the sole purpose of allowing players to enhance their stats and complete challenges. For example, if you need to complete longshot or headshot challenges but struggle to complete them in public matches, a boosting lobby will allow you to do so. Along with completing these challenges, you will also unlock rare items and level up with our boosting lobbies typically generating 20-30k XP each time.


What is a recovery service?

what we mean by a recovery service is that you will need to provide your account details. This will allow your supplier to recover your account, log in and deliver certain items. This is how some products are delivered across Playstation, Xbox and PC. It is a safe and secure process and you will be in contact with the supplier the whole time!


We offer services for these titles across Playstation, PC, and Xbox.