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What Are Runes In Elden Ring?

Runes are the main currency in Elden Ring, they are used to level up your character and are essential for your progress.


Runes are distinct from Great Runes in Elden Ring. Great Runes are items dropped only when defeating specific bosses (Shardbearers) which grant you power-ups when activated with a Rune Arc, these cannot be bought.


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How to Get & Farm Elden Ring Runes?


A variety of effective methods can be used to farm Elden Ring runes or gold.

  • Defeat creatures, bosses and enemies. This is the main strategy for Elden Ring gold farming. In the game, defeating any creatures that you encounter will reward you with runes.
  • Rediscover lost runes. As you know, all of your runes will drop upon your death. They can, however, be recovered or retrieved by returning to the site of your death before dying once more.
  • Sell Elden Ring items. There are certain items in Elden Ring that can be sold to earn runes. These consumable items also won’t be lost if you die.
  • Third Church of Marika Portal. An area in Caelid allows you to farm runes by taking out enemies within it. Enter through a hidden portal north of the Third Church of Marika for the chance to earn 1k runes per kill.
  • Elden Ring gold scarab. You need to obtain the gold scarab in the Abandoned Cave in Caelid, it will increase the number of runes you earned from killing enemies.