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Developed by Mediatonic and published by Devolver Digital, Fall Guys is a multiplayer party game that plunges you into a whimsical Battle Royale format, where jellybean-like characters navigate through obstacle courses and face thrilling challenges.
With Fall Guys Show Bucks, you will gain access to an array of enticing cosmetic options, including body colors, body patterns, costumes, faceplates, emotes, and celebrations. Transform your Fall Guy into a unique and eye-catching character that stands out in the vibrant chaos of the game.
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Show-Bucks function as an in-game currency, allowing you to acquire various items that let you personalize your Fall Guy, such as costumes, colors and patterns. Additionally, they serve as a means to purchase season passes, unlocking even more exciting content within the game.
You can get Show-Bucks as rewards during Seasons and Fame Passes or opt to purchase them using real money. As for obtaining Fall Guys Show Bucks for free, unfortunately, you can only acquire them by using real-world money; they aren't earned through regular gameplay.
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