Fortnite Accounts

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Buy Fortnite accounts today that come loaded with rare and super hard to get items. These Fortnite accounts for sale come with rare Fortnite skins, V-Bucks plus much, much more. For full details on what is currently available please see our listings above.

Why Buy Fortnite Accounts? 

Buying a Fortnite account has plenty of benefits. The most obvious ones are that the account you buy will already have lots of upgrades unlocked. Things like weapons, advanced hero classes and having a ready-made fort saves you time and effort whilst allowing you to compete with more experienced players. 

It’s important to know which traits you’re looking for when buying a Fortnite account as not all players have the same playing styles and so need to benefit from different setups. Be sure to do a little research before you buy and make sure the accounts that we have available offer what you need.  

The price of the account will be determined by what you receive as part of your package. For example, things like skins, weapons, gliders, emotes, pickaxes, other items and v-bucks are all transferred to the new user upon purchase so the quantity, quality and rarity of these items play a major role in determining price.

Is Buying Fortnite Accounts Allowed?

Under the terms and conditions set out by Epic Games players are prohibited from buying, selling or sharing accounts. However, despite this seemingly clear policy from the game’s creators, there is still an active market for trading accounts. While Epic does not encourage the practice, the likelihood of having an account banned post-purchase is incredibly low. Our suppliers are experts and know the ins and outs of Fortnite better than most, meaning they know how to get your new Fortnite account to you quickly and safely.

How Does Buying a Fortnite Account Work?

The process is simple and secure. You select the account you would like to purchase, place your order and the account details will be released to you along with any other instructions needed. You will then be able to sign in to the account on your chosen platform. Please note the platforms available for each account are clearly stated on the individual product pages.