Boost Your Pokémon Account

The remake of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl for Nintendo Switch has been one of the most popular releases for the platform. The nostalgia that flows through the game attracts older gamers as well as younger ones.


If you’ve played either title then you’ll be well aware that the aim of the game to catch as many pokemon as possible. But it’s not that easy! Some, for example, are only available each title. To get them all, you normally need to purchase both versions of the game.


What is Pokemon Boosting?

Boosting your pokemon account allows you to unlock special items and pokemon that are otherwise unavailable. For example, if you play Pokemon Diamond then our boosting services allow you to get all of the Pearl exclusives.


We also offer other services such as shiny boosting and exclusive DLC codes!


How Does Pokemon Boosting Work?

Boosting your Pokemon account is very simple. All you need to do is purchase your required services from the relevant product page, supply your Nintendo Switch Friend ID and our suppliers will meet with you in the game to trade.


We also offer support via our Discord server.