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Buy Starfield Credits & Skill Points

If you want to upgrade your starship, weapons and abilities in Starfield, you’ll need to collect plenty of credits and skill points. Buy credits and skill points safely and securely with our services, available across Steam, Windows and Xbox and with near instant delivery.
Starfield is an action-packed role-playing game made by the renowned Bethesda Game Studios, released in September 2023. Starfield introduced a number of thrilling new elements to players, including a sprawling open world ripe for exploration and captivating player-to-player interactions that can turn friend into foe in the blink of an eye.

What are Starfield credits?

In the boundless cosmos of Starfield, your journey is fueled by Starfield credits, the virtual currency of the game. These invaluable credits open the doors to a wealth of possibilities, allowing you to enhance your spacecraft or acquire cutting-edge equipment, gear and weapons crucial for progressing.

How to get more credits in Starfield

In Starfield, there are numerous ways to earn more credits. Firstly, you can plunder other vessels by first incapacitating their engines and weaponry. Once you’ve cleared the ship of its crew, you can ransack valuable items from the captain’s locker and cargo hold. Alternatively, a more passive approach involves building and overseeing an outpost, allowing you to mine materials like titanium, lead and sealant.
Another way to get more credits in Starfield is undertaking missions from Mission Boards, typically located in faction-controlled regions. These missions come with rewards and you can opt to prioritize simpler tasks, especially in the early stages of the game, such as destroying enemy ships or conducting surveys of lifeforms and flora.
If you’re willing to walk on the shadier side of the law, smuggling is a high-risk, high-reward strategy. It involves hiding and selling contraband, often stashed within suspicious-looking chests or locked compartments. These illicit items can include valuable artifacts, drugs or even stolen artwork. Finally, engaging in theft is a great method for acquiring credits, although it carries inherent risks. A more nuanced variation of theft, pickpocketing, allows you to discreetly pilfer valuables and Starfield credits from unsuspecting NPCs, particularly when you have honed your stealth-related skills and traits.
As you embark on your very own interstellar odyssey, you’ll need plenty of Starfield credits. Use our services to obtain Starfield Credits without the grind and spend your credits freely on whatever you desire. These are safe to use, unlike other options like money glitches.

What are Starfield skill points?

Skill points in Starfield serve as the currency of mastery, enabling you to acquire new abilities or elevate your existing ones to higher levels. With each significant milestone in your journey, you’re rewarded with a skill point, making the process of skill acquisition refreshingly simple. Thanks to the absence of a level cap, you can continuously accumulate Starfield skill points, progressively unlocking and enhancing every skill the game has to offer. Use our services to obtain Starfield skill points without the need to level up, taking the time out of manually grinding.