COD: Black Ops Cold War Frenzy Killer Calling Card Lobby

This CoD: Black Ops Cold War Frenzy Killer Lobby allows you to join and have the Frenzy Killer Calling Card unlocked for you. This is guaranteed and any extra game time left over can be used to level up your other challenges!

What is the Frenzy Killer Calling Card?

The Frenzy Killer Calling Card is achieved when a player gets 5 rapid kills. This is no mean feat, save yourself time and effort by entering into one of our Call of Duty modded lobbies today.

CoD: Black Ops Cold War is cross-platform, meaning this service is available on ALL platforms – Xbox One, PS4, PC, Xbox Series X and PS5.

Your supplier will require your Activision ID; please supply this on the order form. Please make sure this is correct to avoid any delays. Once you have supplied this information, you will be invited to the COD boosting lobby.

Benefits of a CoD: Black Ops Cold War Boosting Lobby

You can use your game time in the lobby to work towards your challenges. These include but are not limited to;

  • Headshots
  • Rapid Kills
  • Challenges (including Longshot Challenges)
  • 20k – 35XP per game
  • Unlock Weapon Camouflages (Dark Aether & more!)

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Save 10% OFF using our Live Chat Payments 💬