COD: MW2 Boosting Lobby (PC)

Boost your XP and unlock camo with our MW2 modded lobby for PC. Use our MW2 boosting lobby services for PC to level up, gain prestige and unlock various in-game items (including exclusive camos) on the highly anticipated Modern Warfare 2, safely and securely.

How does an MW2 modded lobby on PC work?

After purchasing, your supplier will invite you to the bot lobby and provide simple instructions to you before you start. Each game is around 10 to 13 minutes long and you are guaranteed a minimum of 100 kills. This MW2 PC modded lobby service is perfect for ranking up and unlocking specific gun camo challenges. By the end of the process, you will have boosted XP fast and unlocked an array of camouflages and accolades.

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Within an MW2 boosting lobby for PC, you can increase prestige, boost your XP and complete challenges to unlock camo. You’ll earn XP during each session, which means that you’ll increase your rank much more quickly than by grinding out wins.

With our MW2 PC modded lobby, you’ll get:

  • 10 to 13 minutes of gameplay per boosting lobby
  • Headshots, longshots and launcher kills to complete challenges with ease
  • Complete camo challenges, fast and easily
  • Unlock golden guns
  • Gain max prestige quickly
  • Obtain large killstreaks with ease
  • Boost your XP

Our Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 modded lobbies are also available for gamers on PlayStation and Xbox. Browse our full range of MW2 modded lobbies.


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