COD: Vanguard League Play Boosting Lobbies

Use our Call of Duty: Vanguard League Play Boosting Lobby for Xbox, PlayStation and PC to level up, prestige and unlock various in-game items (including exclusive camos) safely and securely.

This is a COD: Vanguard League Play Boosting lobby service that you join. Your supplier will invite you to the bot lobby and provide simple instructions to you before you start.


COD: Vanguard League Play Boosting Lobbies – What You Get:


  • Exclusively for League Play Modes, we host Contender, Specialist, Advanced, Expert and Elite Divisions
  • Master and Challenger divisions are not available


Each game has a randomized time as random games modes are used but you are guaranteed at least 75 kills. This Vanguard boosting lobby service for Call of Duty: Vanguard on Xbox, PlayStation and PC is perfect for ranking up and unlocking specific gun camo challenges:

  • Unlock camouflages and accolades
  • Rank up fast
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