COD: Warzone 2 Nuclear Challenge

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Purchase a Call of Duty Warzone 2 Nuclear Challenge from DigiZani, this incredibly difficult and rare challenge in which you must complete a unique Champion’s Quest – this involves collecting various chemical elements, delivering them at a specific bomb location, and protecting it up to the time it explodes. While you are doing it, the whole map will target you and try to kill you because they will see the location of your squad, elements, and bomb all the time! Avoid the hassle and let DigiZani complete this for you quickly and receive the following unlocks on your account:

  • Apparition Operator Skin (for Ranger – SpecGru Milsim Operator)
  • Quest Nuke Animated Calling Card
  • Quest Nuke Animated Emblem
  • Quest Denied Animated Emblem
  • Weapon Charm
  • Weapon Sticker

Our Call of Duty services are also available for gamers on PlayStation and Xbox. Browse our full range of MW2 modded lobbies.


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