What are Weekly Quests?

Weekly Quests in Fortnite are optional in-game goals that allow you to tier-up your battle pass, level up online and unlock exclusive skins. Our services mean that our experienced team will complete these challenges for you, saving you the playing time and effort.


How is Weekly Quest Boosting delivered?

Our suppliers log in securely to your Epic Games account to manually deliver the Weekly quest package selected. Any platform attached to your Epic Games account will have the weekly quests completed.

Delivery is between 24 and 48 hours and you will need to be logged out of your Fortnite account during the process.

If you order more weekly quests than are currently available, the extra weeks will be on a ‘pre-order’ basis until the challenges become active.

Our Fortnite Weekly Quests come in the following bundles:

  • 1 Week of Quests
  • 2 Weeks of Quests
  • 3 Weeks of Quests
  • 4 Weeks of Quests
  • 5 Weeks of Quests
  • 6 Weeks of Quests
  • 7 Weeks of Quests
  • 8 Weeks of Quests
  • 9 Weeks of Quests
  • 10 Weeks of Quests


This service is available on all platforms – Xbox One, PS4, PC, iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch – and is applied directly to your existing online account. Be sure to browse our great range of other Fortnite products including Fortnite skins.