With our Forza Horizon 4 modded accounts for Steam, you can take the hassle out of trying to unlock everything in the game. Instantly enjoy the fastest and rarest cars that Forza Horizon 4 has to offer.

For you to be eligible for these modded account packages, you must have completed the intro sequence at the very start of the game. You must also have the credits option showing. This is unlocked early in the game, so keep completing races if it is not yet showing.

Once you have purchased your chosen Forza modded account package, you will receive the entire contents to your account. This will replace your current saved game.

Choose your package from the options below:


Track Attack Package

  • Prestige 7 – Level 81
  • 370 Million Credits
  • All rare cars (up to Series 32)
  • 4,000 Wheelspins
  • 40 Steam achievements


Note: Wheelspin numbers are not guaranteed; the total amount will depend on your current in-game progress.