Buying Forza Horizon 4 credits for Steam lets you skip the slow lane and zoom straight into the fast lane of car ownership. Say goodbye to grinding and hello to a collection of jaw-dropping cars that will make your virtual garage the envy of every racer on the block.

Obtaining your Forza credits couldn’t be easier. Simply follow these steps and have them deposited into your account in no time:

  • Select the amount. Choose from between 100 and 900 million credits. Credits are available in intervals of 100 million.
  • Enter your Steam email address and password. We need these so that your supplier can access your account and deliver your Forza Horizon 4 credits. You also need to make sure that any 2FA is deactivated.
  • Wait for your credits. You will be notified by email once your credits have been deposited. Simply sign back into your account and start spending.