Forza Horizon 4 Turbo Credits Package (Xbox One/Xbox Series X/PC)

If you don’t have time to be playing for hours and hours in order to unlock enough credits to purchase your favorite Forza Horizon 4 cars then you’ve come to the right place. 


Our Turbo credit packages give you the chance to buy up to 900 million Forza credits at the click of a button. Our fast and secure system means you’ll have your credits in no time and will be able to use them to purchase things like new cars, vehicle upgrades and properties.


Save yourself hours of time and effort and buy a Turbo credits package for Xbox One, Xbox Series X or PC today. Please note that you can also buy Turbo packages for Steam accounts.


How to Get Your Forza Credits 

Obtaining your Forza credits couldn’t be easier. Simply follow these steps and have them deposited into your account in no time. 


Select Your Desired Amount

Choose from between 100 and 900 million credits. Credits are available in intervals of 100 million – select yours from the drop-down.


Enter your Xbox/Windows Email Address & Password

We need these so that your supplier can access your account and deliver your Forza credits. You also need to make sure that any 2FA is deactivated.


Wait for Your Credits to be Deposited 

You will be notified by email once your credits have been deposited. Simply sign back into your account and start spending!


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Finlay Maclennan

Excellent, fast delivery and great comms.

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