GTA Modded Cars & Wheels Bundle (Xbox One & Xbox Series X)

Upgrade your GTA experience with a modded car bundle, containing unique and premium cars for GTA 5 on Xbox One or Xbox Series X. To see the full list of bundle options, take a look at the product description below.

To use this service, you must have the following in-game properties:

  • M.O.C with Personal Vehicle Storage
  • 10 Car Garage (all slots empty for the vehicles)
  • Arena with additional garage section
  • Bunker

If you do not have the items above, you will require $5 million in game cash.

Tag 1: Xbox One
Tag 2: Xbox Series X


Buy from a selection of modded car bundles, each containing 10 rare cars for Xbox One or Series X. Once you place the order, your supplier will log in to your Xbox account to complete the process. Ensure you follow the instructions on the order form carefully to prevent any delays.

Choose from the following GTA modded car options:

For more options, browse our full range of GTA modded accounts.


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