GTA V Online Millionaires Cash Drop (PS5)

Live the dream and splash the cash with a GTA 5 PS5 money drop.

A minimum balance of $400,000 is required in cash or a car value to add the GTA cash to your account. This is to allow the cash to be added to your account; a float amount is needed to perform the delivery and will be returned.

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Buying GTA cash for PS5 is the one way to get whatever you want across Los Santos and Blaine County. Go big or go under in Los Santos and treat yourself to high-end vehicles, apartments and show-off yachts. Costing 60% less than Shark Cards, choose our Online Millionaires cash drop or browse our full range of GTA modded accounts.

GTA 5 PS5 Money Drop Instructions

Please follow the below instructions so the supplier does not need to complete the prologue when logging in to your account to deliver the GTA cash. This will save delivery times by 20 minutes.

  1. Upload autosave file to cloud
  2. Open settings on your PS5 system
  3. Go to applicated saved data management
  4. Go to save data in system storage
  5. Upload to online storage
  6. Go to GTA 5
  7. Choose autosave
  8. Upload to the cloud
  9. Do not use REST MODE, otherwise the GTA cash won’t save to your account

Please remain logged out of your account once the supplier confirms on your order chat that he is starting delivery, as logging in will cause the cash to be lost and delays on your order.

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Rating: 3
Next Gen PS5 100% legit
March 24, 2022
Kimmey Love

Bought 10 million and got 13 million , only took 2 days. Thank you

GTAV Cash Drop PS5
August 10, 2022
Jody O’Brien

I was a bit sceptical at first about it, having to give all of the login details etc. However it only took a couple of days (2 and a half days exactly) for it to be done. The supplier that helped me out was Gopstarrr and it was a great professional experience. I would completely recommend this to anyone who just wants to PvP in GTA and not care about making money! I will 100% be coming back soon for any of my other accounts!!

December 10, 2022

very legit I was told about it & it prefect