GTA V Online Millionaires Cash Drop (Xbox Series X)

Live the dream and splash the cash with a GTA 5 Xbox Series X money drop.

A minimum balance of $400,000 is required in cash or a car value to add the GTA cash to your account. This is to allow the cash to be added to your account; a float amount is needed to perform the delivery and will be returned.

Tag 1: Xbox Series X


Buying GTA cash for Xbox Series X is the one way to get whatever you want across Los Santos and Blaine County. Go big or go under in Los Santos and treat yourself to high-end vehicles, apartments and show-off yachts. Costing 60% less than Shark Cards, choose our Online Millionaires cash drop or browse our full range of GTA modded accounts.

Please remain logged out of your account once the supplier confirms on your order chat that he is starting delivery, as logging in will cause the cash to be lost and delays on your order.

Enjoy promotions and exclusive discount codes for recurring purchases after your first order.


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Rating: 6
Great service
March 22, 2022
Thomas R

I ordered the 40,000,000 millionaires drop and received 48,000,000 in cash and deluxos. These guys are great and get it done in a day.

really really good, not a scam!
May 10, 2022
Jesse Balnozam

very very good service, ordered the first package $20,000,000 and got all that plus more! finally a good and reliable service to cheese your way through the game. consider buying something from them, they’ll always deliver

Awesome and Fast
August 22, 2022
Kylie Kendall

I decided to try this out and it is just like how they describe it plus more! You get more than what you paid for and much more worth it than shark cards, its very fast and Bone got it done for me in less than half a day. Highly recommend if you need the money 💰 10/10

6/5 stars
August 23, 2022
Cayden Ohler

got all my money for the 20 million drop i was anxious waiting but it was worth it definitely recommend

September 14, 2022
Victor Lebeau

Got everything I needed and more!

Was amazing got what I paid for don't worry they will take care of you
October 15, 2022

The best website I have ever used was amazing got what I paid for don’t worry they will take care of you