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What are Palworld Pals?

Palworld Pals are virtual creatures within the game designed to aid players in a variety of tasks, ranging from farming and breeding to combat and factory work. Currently, there are 137 types of Pals in the game. There are different categories of Pals, such as Alpha, Lucky, Legendary, and Subspecies, each with its unique attributes and abilities.

Interacting with Pals involves activities such as petting, feeding, utilizing partner skills and assigning names. These companions can also be utilized in combat, either through direct fighting or by employing weapons or other Pals.

Capturing Pals using Pal Spheres not only adds them to a player’s collection but also grants valuable experience points. Breeding Pals can lead to offspring inheriting traits from their parents or even developing entirely new characteristics.

Pals are not limited to domestic tasks; they can also perform wilderness activities like mining and logging. Within bases, Pals can engage in various activities including mass production, breeding, defense, and rescue operations.


How do you level up your Pals in Palworld?

In Palworld, leveling up your Pals is crucial for their growth and effectiveness in various tasks. Unlike Pokémon, Pals do not undergo evolution. Instead, you’ll need to focus on different methods to enhance their abilities.

One way to level up your Pals is by engaging them in battles. By participating in fights alongside your Pals, they accumulate experience points, which contribute to their growth. Make sure to include the Pal you want to level up in your party before initiating combat. Defeating stronger opponents, especially bosses, yields more XP. Additionally, simply keeping your Pals in your party while exploring the open world can gradually earn them experience points over time. Even if they don’t actively participate in battles, they still benefit from being part of your team. Pals can even surpass your level, but they’ll “level sync” down to match your level as needed.


What do you get with a Palworld Pal leveling service?

Pal leveling services offer you the convenience of fully customizing various aspects of your stored Pals, including their level, stats, abilities, gender and passives. By utilizing this service, you can bypass the tedious grind of leveling up your Pals. If you’re struggling to keep up with friends who have more time to play, opting for a leveling service can inject new excitement into your gameplay experience. Whether you want to skip the grind or catch up with friends quickly, our cheap Pal leveling service provides a convenient solution.