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What is Palworld Gold?

Palworld Gold is the in-game currency essential for transactions and progression within the Palworld universe. It facilitates purchases of items, equipment, upgrades and even Pals. Acquiring Palworld Gold is crucial for advancing in the game, as well as enhancing the gameplay experience.


How do you farm more Gold in Palworld?

There are various ways to get more gold in Palworld. One approach involves Ranch Gold Mining, where Pals possessing the Gold Digger skill, such as Maus or Mau Crysts, are assigned to ranches. These Pals passively generate gold coins, steadily building wealth over time. Engaging in raids on enemy encampments, defeating adversaries and plundering treasure chests scattered across the Palpagos Islands is another fruitful method. This activity can yield substantial amounts of gold Palworld coins.

Another strategy, known as the Relaxaurus Method, entails capturing Relaxaurus Pals within the Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon and selling them to merchants. This can yield a noteworthy sum of approximately 2,000 gold coins per Relaxaurus.

Additionally, you can engage in Pal trading with Black Marketeers, facilitating profitable deals where Pals are exchanged for gold coins. This method enables you to leverage your collection of Pals in order to get more Palworld coins.