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What are Palworld Pal Spheres?

Pal Spheres are specialized tools in Palworld designed for capturing and storing Pals, similar to Pokeballs in the Pokemon universe. These spheres are essential for players to expand their roster of creatures and engage in various activities within the game. There are six distinct types of Pal Spheres, each serving a specific purpose and requiring different crafting materials and workbenches. These types include Pal Sphere, Mega Sphere, Giga Sphere, Hyper Sphere, Ultra Sphere and Legendary Sphere.


How do you get more Pal Spheres in Palworld?

Acquiring Pal Spheres in Palworld can be achieved through multiple methods. While you can manually craft them using various workbenches, an alternative method involves setting up a Ranch and employing Vixies. By capturing Vixies and assigning them to the Ranch, you can passively farm Pal Spheres without the need for manual crafting. Additionally, exploring the game world, defeating hostile enemies like Syndicate Thugs and looting chests can also yield Palworld Pal Spheres as rewards. In order to avoid the grind, you can buy cheap Pal Spheres directly from us, with fast, safe and secure delivery straight to your Steam account.