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How do you unlock weapons in Palworld?

In Palworld, unlocking weapons is an integral part of progressing through the game. Unlike automatic grants, weapons must be crafted individually using resources collected throughout your journey. As you advance through levels, you gradually unlock access to a diverse arsenal of Palworld weapons, ranging from melee weapons like the wooden club and stone spear to ranged options such as the three-shot bow, handguns and even explosives like the rocket launcher.

To begin with, focusing on weapons like the Three-Shot Bow can offer a balanced approach to damage output, mobility, and reload speed. Crafting this bow requires basic materials like wood, stone and fiber. As you progress further into the game, options like the Handgun become available, providing versatility with its semi-automatic function and fast reload time. Crafting this firearm requires ingots and high-quality Pal oil. Palworld also features legendary weapons, each requiring players to defeat specific bosses to obtain their schematics.


How do you get more ammo in Palworld?

To acquire more ammo in Palworld, you have two main options. Firstly, you can defeat Syndicate opponents to obtain various types of ammunition. These foes can be found in settlements, roaming the countryside or in raiding squads targeting your base. Secondly, you can utilize the Weapons Workbench to craft Palworld ammo by combining specific resources. For instance, crafting Handgun Ammo requires Gunpowder and Ingot, attainable at level 29 after unlocking the associated Technology.

Additionally, you can purchase ammo from vendors, though it may be pricier. To efficiently farm Palworld ammo, set up Production Assembly Lines and Weapon Assembly Lines, particularly at advanced tiers like Weapon Assembly Line II, which requires materials such as 100 Ingots, 10 Circuit Boards and 30 Nails. To save time grinding in game, you can buy Palworld weapons and ammo directly from us, all at discounted prices.