Pokémon Pearl Exclusives

Each Pokemon title released comes with its own unique set of creatures that can only be caught in that game. With the rerelease of Diamond and Pearl that tradition is continued with a separate set of exclusive Pokemon available within each. To obtain them all you would normally need to purchase both games but with our services, you can add them all to your Pokedex easily.


Get Pokemon Pearl Exclusives

If you’ve purchased Pokémon Diamond but not Pokémon Pearl on Nintendo Switch then DigiZani can deliver these exclusives straight to your account without you needing to have both copies of the game. Our Pokemon services are FAST, SAFE and SECURE and let you add to your vast selection of Pokémon without having to worry about having both versions of the game.


Use our Pokémon Pearl Exclusives services to add to your Pokédex and get your rare shiny charm to increase the spawn rate of shiny pokémon.


How Do You Get Pokemon Pearl Exclusives?

It’s simple to add the Diamond exclusives to your collection on Pearl. Simply enter your Nintendo Switch Friend ID when making your purchase and one of our suppliers will meet you in the game to trade. As always, our support Discord server is in place to help should you encounter any difficulties.

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Save 10% OFF using our Live Chat Payments 💬