Sea of Thieves Pirate Legend Boosting (Xbox, Windows & Steam)

What is Pirate Legend in Sea of Thieves?


Becoming a Sea of Thieves Pirate Legend is one of the most desirable milestones anyone can achieve in the game. The prestige of such an accolade is what keeps players coming back for more and yet again setting sail on the Sea of Thieves. Achieving it in the game requires players to reach level 50 in all three original companies; Gold Hoarders, Order of Souls and Merchant Alliance. Getting to this stage can take months or even years of gameplay to reach.

Once players become a pirate legend, they gain access to plenty of exclusive clothes and ship decorations as well as opening up the pirate legend hideout. For those that reach legendary status things like new hairstyles and multi-coloured hair dyes also become available.

Pirate Legend Boosting Services

Unlocking Pirate Legend is massively time-consuming to achieve but you get a lot of benefits from achieving the rare rank including access to a variety of Pirate Legend specific quests and voyages with higher returns and better loot.

Make the most of our Sea of thieves Pirate Legend boosting services to avoid the long grind and make the most of some of the best items and rewards that the game has to offer!

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