Sea of Thieves Sea Dogs Arena Boosting (Xbox, Windows & Steam)

Experience the highs and lows of competition while engaging in explosive combat in the Sea Dogs Arena! The arena is a place dedicated to contests between pirates to determine the best of the best. The ultimate pirate legends can show off their skills while testing their mettle in either duo sloops or galleons for larger teams.

What is the Sea Dogs Arena?

Building your level in the infamous Sea Dogs Arena gives you access to huge amounts of gold, silver and massively enhances your reputation as one of the top pirates within the game.

As a competitive game mode, the arena allows you to fight against other crews to obtain the most silver – winning you the game. Do so and you’ll be rewarded with untold riches!

Choose from a variety of custom levels with both fast and flexible delivery times.

Why not add some Sea of Thieves Gold with your order to ensure you are fully equipped for the adventures ahead on the Sea of Thieves!

Delivery Time: This is confirmed with your supplier on a schedule that suits you!

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