You can rent this tool, along from exclusive support from DigiZani, for the periods specified on the order form (1 Month to 12 Months). You may extend the tool rental period as-and-when you like.

Rental of this World of Tanks modding tool includes:

  • Marker Re-Load (enemy reload timer anyone in game)
  • AimBot 3.0 (auto fire on/off)
  • ContourLook
  • TargetDirection (minimap enemy info for aiming way)
  • HitMarker
  • Mod Tundra (auto delete bush and trees when press alt button + in sniper mode)
  • ArtiPlace
  • LaserPoint
  • BreakableObjects
  • MarkersDestruction (auto delete anything in aim for the ammo type that can pass through)
  • Autorepair (auto or press alt button)
  • Zmod
  • StrikePoint
  • AimingAngles
  • Shadows ESP (last known point with HP bars)