Red Dead Redemption 2’s Best Missions

Red Dead Redemption 2 was released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to critical acclaim in October 2018. Arthur Morgan’s story took us deeper into the tales of Dutch Van Der Linde’s gang, as they chased freedom and tried to make money the outlaw way. With Dutch’s dreams reaching levels that divided the camp and put them in danger, this was the story of how the group split up. Throughout this incredible story that spanned 60+ hours of game time, there were missions that really stood out from the rest.

This list focuses on the main story and not any missions featured in Red Dead Online. As you would expect, there are SPOILERS ahead as we take a look at the best missions of Red Dead 2.

A Quiet Time

A popular mission amongst the Red Dead community, A Quiet Time is memorable for its humour. After Lenny Summer is freed from his close call with the authorities, he is need of some much needed downtime. Under instruction from Dutch, Arthur takes Lenny out for a quiet drink in Valentine.

A quiet night out turns into one long drinking session. The pair drink plenty of shots, dance with patrons and get up to no good. The most unforgettable moment of this mission is Arthur stumbling through the bar looking for Lenny, when everyone now looks like Lenny because he’s so drunk. The escapade leads to a drunken chase away from the Police.

The Smell of Grease Paint

When Arthur heads over to Van Horn Trading Post, you will inevitably get into a fight in the saloon. After intervening in an argument between Miss Marjorie and companion Bertram, the giant of a man starts to fight Arthur. By winning the fight, Arthur can calm Bertram down which starts the mission.

It turns out the pair are members of a theatre troupe that has been split apart. Their third member, Magnifico is a magician and needs convincing to return. This leads to a chase as the magician throws coloured smoke in your path. Eventually you defeat him and they head on to Saint Denis. After that, you can take a trip to the Vaudeville Theatre for a spellbinding performance.

A Bright Bouncing Boy

Fans of science fiction adore this tragic tale of a master’s creation gone wrong. Marko Dragic is showing off his remote-controlled battleships to potential investors, and with the help of Arthur, convinces them of Dragic’s talents. However, he has a bigger experiment waiting.

On Brandywine Drop, Dragic needs help with an odd looking lightning experiment. On completion, he reveals his humanoid robot. Despite falling to the ground within seconds, the mad scientist considers the experiment a huge success. When Arthur returns later, Dragic is found dead seemingly at the hands of his creation – in homage to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. If you head to the northwest part of the map, you will find the robot sitting soberly calling out for its “Papa”.

The Iniquities of History

A mission that had quite a twist towards the end was The Iniquities of History. Jeremiah Compson is sat on a bench in Rhodes, and wants to talk his tale of woe of not being needed in this new world. He needs help in collecting some items from his old home – a pistol, watch and ledger.

The finding of a ledger in a basement with chains left behind give a complete insight into what kind of man Compson was. His history as a slaver, the finding and selling of slaves to high bidders, leaves Arthur seething.

On returning to Compson, Arthur throws the ledger into the fire but the man tries to shoot him with the pistol. The gun jams and the old man breaks down in tears as his ledger burns to a crisp. You are left with a choice: leaving Compson to his misery, or putting him out of it.

The Wisdom of Elders

At the Van Horn Trading Post, Arthur meets old man Obediah Hinton, who needs help to return to his home at Butcher Creek. When you see him again, tales of demons are delivered in a gollum-like voice by Hinton. These turn out to be dogs that Arthur has to defeat.

With a town scared by curses, Arthur goes in search of artefacts to destroy in order to lift this curse. On investigation, the town’s water supply has been tainted, causing hallucinations after drinking it. The Shaman that caused the belief in demons is actually a Roanoke Fuel Company employee, who is trying to convince the town to move away from the dig site. This is because the site is full of arsenic and lead. Despite showing evidence of this, the town still believe in curses.

Charlotte The Widow

The most emotional tale in RDR 2 starred Charlotte, a widow living alone at Willard’s Rest. She is burying her husband, after leaving both their rich families behind in search of something “authentic”. However, neither were prepared for living out in the wilderness, with Charlotte left unable to hunt or protect herself. Arthur protects her and shows her how to hunt.

On Arthur’s return, she is doing much better but cannot shoot a gun effectively. Arthur teaches her and in return she invites him in for a meal. However, during the meal Arthur passes out as the effects of Tuberculosis continue to hurt him greatly. He wakes up to Charlotte out hunting on her own.

When Arthur returns once more, she is a fully independent woman living self-sufficiently. She’s content with her life and grateful for Arthur’s help, making this the most heartwarming tale. By this point, Arthur is on the edge of death so it’s hard not to think about a possible future for them together if he had survived his fate.

The Veteran

One-legged Hamish Sinclair is in need of help out of O’Creagh’s Run, west of Annesburg. His horse Buell has left him behind somewhere nearby and needs to be returned. Whereas Charlotte needed help out in the wilderness, this Civil War veteran actually has something to teach Arthur.

The old man teaches Arthur how to catch legendary fish and share stories of their younger days. They then hunt a wolf that has been causing problems in the local region. The wolf is part of a pack and the pair barely survive.

The final encounter with Hamish sees the pair chase a huge boar that has been stalking the old man’s property. Arthur can take it down but Hamish is mortally wounded. Before he passes away, he gives Arthur his horse to look after. It’s a rather sad end for such a wonderful character.

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