Sea of Thieves Chests & Gold

Ahoy shipmates! I see it’s gold you are looking for, and there’s plenty of it among the many treasure chests you can find in the open seas. In Sea of Thieves, cosmetics are quite expensive, requiring players to grind out gold in various ways. Alongside giving you information on the best Sea of Thieves chests, we’ll also give you some tips on how to earn gold quickly so you can find more chests and ultimately, more gold.

How to Get Gold in Sea of Thieves

For every pirate, gold is the most important source of currency and the same can be found in Sea of Thieves. It is one of the forms of currency in the game alongside doubloons. You get it from handing in items when completing your voyages and general adventuring on the high seas. Sea of Thieves gold is used for cosmetic upgrades and purchasing more voyages.

Buying cosmetics makes your ship look awesome, ensuring you have a worthy vessel that you are proud to be captain of. Especially because you want to do lots of voyages to improve your reputation level. A higher RP means you’re close to becoming a Pirate Legend.

Grinding gold is a huge part of your early days with Sea of Thieves, which is why it’s important to know exactly what to do to sail past this with ease.

To earn gold fast, you should:

  • Sell chests and trinkets to Gold Hoarders
  • Sell your skulls to the Order of Souls
  • Sell animals goods including silk, spices and tea to the Merchant Alliance
  • Sell all your other items, such as Gunpowder kegs

Essentially, you get gold by selling stuff to the various Outpost Traders dotted around the game. It is then up to you to work which stuff sells for a tidy sum of gold and items are easy to get in bulk.

Sea of Thieves Chests

Sea of Thieves chests is one of the primary ways of earning gold pieces. The majority of chests can be found in missions for the Gold Hoarders faction, but they can appear randomly on islands and by sunken wrecks.

There’s no official listing of the Sea of Thieves chest values, but there is a general amount of gold given to players with certain chests. 

In chests which can be found in treasure-seeking missions and appear randomly on islands:

  • Castaway’s Chest: 30-80 gold pieces 
  • Seafarer’s Chest: 100-300 gold pieces 
  • Marauder’s Chest: 250-500 units of gold
  • Captain’s Chest: 300-650 gold pieces 

You can also find chests near shipwrecks:

  • Shipwrecked Castaway’s Chest: 30-80 gold pieces
  • Shipwrecked Seafarer’s Chest: 50 to 120 gold pieces
  • Shipwrecked Marauder’s Chest: 100-250 gold pieces
  • Shipwrecked Captain’s Chest: 300-450 gold pieces

Cursed Chests

It’s also possible to find a cursed chest. These chests offer great opportunities to earn gold but are difficult to transport.

  • Chest of a Thousand Grogs (Value: 700-1300) – this chest makes you drunk, meaning your vision is blurred and you step from side to side as you carry the chest. Your ears are filled with screams and noises from the tavern. Only when you drop the chest will these effects stop.
  • Chest of Sorrow (300-450 gold pieces) – with this chest on your ship, it will flow water out onto your ship from time to time, flooding it. On your journey you will have to use buckets to stop it flooding your ship completely. 

Stronghold Chests

The most valuable chest in Sea of Thieves is the Stronghold Chest – it is only available to players in the captain’s treasury after the completion of the Skeleton Fort public event. Its value is estimated to be around 2000 pieces of gold.

Sea of Thieves Loot Values

Because Sea of Thieves is an online open world game, the values of loot and chests do change for each player. Over on Reddit, Sea of Thieves subreddit contributors Jake_Smith81 and homeless0alien have compiled a list of the average loot size for particular chests. Since the game offers various values for each player, a highest, lowest and average total was taken.

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