Sea of Thieves: Heart of Fire

The latest content update from Sea of Thieves has finally been released after a short delay by Rare to captains on the high seas. The newest update brings players a new Tall Tale to experience a new cannon shot and more.

Information about Heart of Fire from the official Sea of Thieves website reads:

Rumours are spreading like wildfire of a ritual intended to rebuild Captain Flameheart’s forces, but the sailors of the Sea of Thieves are not sitting idly by! Grand Athena’s Run Voyages have arrived to pit Pirate Legends against one another, ensuring that they’re filthy rich and ready for anything. Even the armaments available have been expanded thanks to the hard work of local weaponsmiths! Meanwhile, Stitcher Jim’s name is being cursed once again as he seemingly seeks out Flameheart alone. Will you follow in these perilous footsteps?

New Tall Tale

The new Tall Tale will take players to a new storyline where you’ll have to brave a newly built lava and trap-filled dungeon. Players wanting to take on this new Tall Tale can go to Morrow’s Peak Outpost and use the Quest Book to start the journey. 

New Features

One major new feature to the game is the chain shot. The special cannonballs can be found all over the high seas for you to add to your arsenal. The chain shot cannonballs aren’t great for punching holes in hulls and have a lower range compared to your regular shots. However, a chain shot can destroy masts, capstans and wheels with one single-placed shot. 

The update also brings players the usable item, the Blunderbomb. The bomb can be thrown and used as cannon ammo in the same way as the recent addition, Firebombs. The Blunderbomb explodes on impact and sends pirates near the blast flying, perfect for knocking players from their ships.

Other new features in this update include the Pirate Legend-exclusives new Athena’s Run voyages, new cosmetics on the Black Market and Pirate Emporium, new fishing tutorials and row boat handling. 

Athena’s Run Voyage

Duke, your regular, trusted Voyage handler, has a special Voyage for players with this update: an Athena’s Run. This new Voyage is only open to Pirate Legends, leading them to Thieves’ Haven and its nearby islands to find buried treasure. You can also get special items and loot from the Mysterious Stranger in the tavern, if the treasures around don’t satisfy you. 

You will need Doubloons to purchase these Voyages, but they are available indefinitely. With enough Doubloons, you can earn plenty of Athena’s Treasures, and you don’t have to be a pirate legend to cash them in with the Mysterious Stranger.

Even if you don’t have Pirate Legend status, you can join up with a crew that does and take on the Voyage, or you could ambush one like a true pirate.

Heart of Fire Rewards

Along with new items available on the Black Market and in the emporium, you can earn some new items for completing Heart of Fire related tasks. You can get a fiery new ship full from the Ashen Line once you complete the Tall Tale. 

If you finish five Athena’s Runs, players will earn a Commendation and access to a special all-in-one Legendary Treasure Seeker outfit. Only Pirate Legends can purchase this and is the start of a completely new cosmetic type that will be expanded upon in future updates.

How to get Doubloons in Sea of Thieves

You need Doubloons if you want to get the latest voyage! How do you get Doubloons? There are a few ways:

  • Bilge Rate Adventures
  • Mercenary Voyages
  • Reaper’s Chests
  • Ritual Skulls
  • Rag and Bone Crates
  • Ashen Tomes, Chests and Keys

You can also get Doubloons with DGZ Gold. Get up to 500 Doubloons instantly delivered to your account, so you can have all the currency you need to take on the biggest Voyages. 

Get all your Sea of Thieves in-game currency needs with Gold, Doubloons and Pirate Legend packages and become the most feared pirate of the high seas.

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