What Are The Best Roblox Mods?

Everyone likes a bit of a competitive edge over their competitors and the world of online gaming is no different. Roblox is one of the most popular online multiplayer games available at the moment and, thanks to teams of hackers, there are plenty of mods available to gamers should they want to use them.

Mods are short for modifications and are fan-made programmes that alter the way a game looks and feels from the player’s perspective. They can vary in size and significance with some only containing minor cosmetic changes and others featuring a total overhaul of how the game behaves.

Thanks to Roblox’s continued popularity, there are hundreds of mods that gamers can choose from. Of course, the publishers work hard to shut many of them down but new ones continue to pop up and many manage to stick around for quite a while. 

Without further ado, here are the best five Roblox mods you can get as of now.


JJSploit is probably the most popular Roblox mod around at the moment. Originally released way back in mid-2017, the mod allows you to do all kinds of fun stuff. Some of the things you can enjoy while using this mod include:

  • Click teleport
  • ESP
  • Speed
  • Fly
  • Infinite jump

JJSploit also offers a nearly full Lua executor thanks to the fact it was built and released by WeAreDevs via their API. It’s a powerful all in one package that provides hours of endless fun (or cheating)!

Multiple RBX Games

Whereas JJSploit offers lots and lots of functionality, Multiple RBX Games offers only one: the ability to run simultaneous Roblox games.

Frustratingly, Roblox only allows one game to be played per computer. This hack gets around that restriction and allows gamers to run over 100 Roblox games at once. 

Opening and playing across multiple games is easy, simply: 

  1. Open the software before starting a game
  2. Once Multiple RBX Games is running,  join a game
  3. Go back to the Roblox website then log out – do not close your game
  4. Log in with a new account. You can not use an account that is already in a game.
  5. Join a game or even join the same game as your other account. You will then have two games running at the same time.
  6. Repeat steps 3, 4, and 5 for unlimited games 


There are loads of ESP hacks out there giving players the ability to know the otherwise unknowable. ESP stands for ‘extra sensory perception’ and essentially allows gamers to see and detect things that would usually be impossible. For example, you can see other players through walls and other objects, giving you a pretty big advantage. 

ESP does come as part of the JJSploit mod but is available separately, should you only want ESP without any of the other hacks.

Gravity Switch

Gravity Switch is another fun mod that literally lets you turn gravity on and off at the flick of a switch. This means that when you’re playing you can jump as high as you like or walk off the end of a platform to start walking through the air.

To use it all you need to do is download it and: 

  1. Join a Roblox game
  2. Click start to scan
  3. Wait for the scan to finish
  4. The toggle switch should now be present – use it to turn gravity on and off!

There you have it – some of the best mods you can currently get for Roblox. Have fun using them but be careful, there’s a fine line between using these hacks and getting yourself banned. You have been warned!

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