What GTA V Changes Can We Expect in 2017?


GTA Pegassi FCR 1000

It’s safe to say that 2016 was a bit of a crazy year. But don’t worry, some things will never change: the sun will always rise, I will always be single, and GTA V will always be an incredible game.

So, as we start this new year and wait for the first crazy thing that 2017 will throw at us, what changes can we expect to see from GTA 5?

Pegassi FCR 1000

The first of this year’s GTA V surprises has already, including the shiny new “Pegassi FCR 1000”. This will set you back $135,000.

We here at Digizani think you deserve to have the latest in customisable biking power.

As the bike is so wonderfully described:

“The “uber-customisable” Pegassi FCR 1000 is now available to buy in GTA Online and “treads the fine line between old-school, no-frills engineering and a tight-trousered hipster’s delight. An instant classic, this bike will be the envy of your grandpa, even if he did disown you.””

Vehicle Vendetta

Grand Theft Auto Online Vehicle Vendetta

A brand new game mode has also been added to the game, offering plenty more GTA V gaming hours, and plenty more ways to spend GTA V money. This new game mode is called “Vehicle Vendetta” – you and your mates can now play against a whole crew of menacing motorised vehicles. And all whilst trying to get a hole range of powerful power-ups.

Some of the power-ups that are on offer include:

  • Beast: Automatically transforms you into a Rhino Tank.
  • Detonator: Removes obstacles and objects from the arena.
  • Bomb: Place up to three bombs around the map to destroy trailing enemies.
  • Rockets: Fire rockets at oncoming drivers to incapacitate them.
  • Repair: Returns vehicle back to max health.
  • Ghost: Become translucent, allowing you to drive through enemy vehicles to steal their power-ups.
  • Jammed: Forces the accelerator on for the enemy team’s vehicles.
  • Flipped: Reverses the enemy team’s steering, acceleration and braking controls.
  • Zoned: Slows down time for all players.
  • Deadline: Automatically switches you onto the Nagasaki Shotaro complete with devastating light trail.
  • Random: Chance to collect any power-up except Detonator.

Let’s face it, the second I finish this blog, I’m off to ‘investigate’ this new playing mode.

You still have time to claim some incredible discounts. But the offer finishes January 16th, so be quick!

  • 25% more GTA$ on Vehicle Exports
  • 25% off Special Vehicle Warehouse Renovations & Special Cargo Warehouses
  • 50% off Grenade Launcher
  • 25% off Engine Performance Upgrades
  • 25% off Body Armor, Ammo, Throwables and Explosive Weapon Ammo
  • 25% off all Masks

Progen Itali GTB Custom

GTA Progen Itali GTB Custom

Along with the  “Pegassi FCR 1000”, the brand new shiny “Progen Itali GTB Custom” is now available from Benny’s Original Motor Works in GTA online.

Quote from Rockstar: 

Roar through the streets of Los Santos in the new Progen Itali GTB This sleek jungle cat packs serious speed, devours tight turns with ease, and is sure to terrorize opposing racers across the circuit.”

This $500,000 beauty is a bit out of your league?

A certain well known GTA V advice website recently asked it’s readers what they wanted to see appearing in the game this year:

  • I want some new story content, I’ve had enough Online DLC
  • I only play story mode, I want some story DLC!
  • Give me more Online DLC, I’m finished with story mode  
  • I only play online, of course I want more Online content!

This is only a small selection of what is going to be on offer for GTA in 2017. By no means is this game finished; as long as they keep fresh content coming, we will keep playing!

What would you like to see in the game for 2017?

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