WWE 2K18: How To Earn Virtual Currency Fast

Not too long ago, WWE 2K18 hit the shelves – the latest iteration in a very long line of WWE games. The series has changed and evolved massively during this time, especially when it comes to the number of superstars available to use, the variety of movesets, the customisation, and the overall appearance of the games. Each new release is akin to the set of that year’s Wrestlemania – it needs to be bigger and more impressive than the last, creating something that viewers will remember.


Focusing more on how the game has changed when it comes to customisation, we’ve recently seen the introduction of VC, or Virtual Currency. This is part for the course when it comes to sports (entertainment) games, with this kind of currency becoming a common method for unlocking content and upgrading parts of the game.


In WWE 2K18, VC can be used to unlock Loot Boxes, where you can claim new content via near-random selection. While some people aren’t a fan of loot boxes or virtual currency, they play a key role in WWE 2K18, so a lot of focus will be on earning VC.


So, how do you earn VC in WWE 2K18? Here’s a quick look at a few of the prime ways for you to pick up VC in WWE 2K18, helping you unlock all content available in the game.


Earning VC in Single Matches

As is the case with other games which have VC, the primary way of earning it will be simply through playing matches.


While VC can be picked up through regular matches, one common strategy for those out there that want VC quickly would be to make the match as easy as possible.


This commonly involves picking one of the top stars in the game – Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman, Brock Lesnar, et al – and putting yourself up against one of the lower rated jobbers on the lowest difficulty. You can even go into the Creations mode are create your own low rated superstar – someone with the lowest stats possible, a true lamb to the slaughter.


In the match, you can make this as quick as possible by doing the following:

  • Hit your opponent with a running attack
  • Then, hit them with a grappling attack. This should give you your Signature move.
  • Hit your Signature, then your Charged Finisher, then pin your opponent.
  • Afterwards, use the Breakout and hit them with another Signature.


Roman Reigns is particularly handy for this method, due to his quick and simple Signature moves.

The match itself will last under a minute, and you can repeat the process until your heart’s content.

If you’re playing single player matches in a more traditional manner, there are a few things to take into account when looking to build your VC rewards:

  • Entertain the crowd. You’ll see that there’s a match rating system in the top left-hand corner, which plays into the VC you’ll be rewarded with. Add drama to matches by allowing pinfall attempts, hit a wider variety of moves, and hit your signatures/finishers to raise the star rating.
  • Try going backstage – you can improve your match ratings by taking your matches to the outside of the ring, even going backstage with the new interactive areas.


Earning VC in MyCareer


MyCareer is a staple of the 2K gaming franchise, playing a massive role in their other games, such as NBA 2K18. VC plays a huge role in WWE 2K18’s MyCareer mode, allowing you to improve the stats of your superstar, improving his/her rating and moveset.

Earning VC throughout your MyCareer journey will be a bit slower in comparison mentioned above, though it should be much more enjoyable. You earn VC as you progress through the journey, picking up rewards for everything you do along the way, including the matches you take part in, as well as other areas like Performance Centre activities and meeting objectives.

You can actually have an influence on the VC you make in MyCareer by maxing out Company Man career path. In WWE 2K18 MyCareer, there are two main alignments: Company Man and Fan Favourite.

There isn’t a set choice, you can dictate your actions based on either of them at any given time. The former of the two is akin to being a “heel”, or the bad guy. The latter would be the “face”; the good guy.

You get different perks and rewards based on how far you progress with each alignment. Upon maxing out the Company Man alignment, you’ll get the Vince’s Office reward – this allows you to request a title match or a rematch by speaking directly to Vince McMahon, and you will also earn double VC for each match you participate in.

This can take a while to achieve, though doubling the about of VC you pick up in each match is a massive reward which is worth the time.

You can also claim VC though t-shirt sales in MyCareer. As you increase your status as a WWE superstar, your shirt sales should continue to rise, bringing in more VC on the side.

If you’re noticing a bit of a dip in shirt sales, you can change the design of your t-shirt. As you play through your MyCareer journey, change the design of the shirt and the attire of your character every few shows, improving excitement for your superstar’s range of apparel. It may seem unrealistic, but think of how many shirts John Cena has in different colours – it works!


Buying VC for WWE 2K18

Now, if you don’t fancy picking up a limited amount of VC based on objectives in MyCareer or farm VC in single player, you can pick up WWE 2K18 VC from the DigiZani store in bundles of 50,000, 75,000, or 100,000 at a time. Picking up large amounts of VC in one fell swoop, removes the grind and allows you to get straight into Loot Boxes and MyCareer superstar upgrades.


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